Monday, March 8, 2021

2005 Upper Deck All Star Classics - Legendary All-Stars

Year: 2005
Manufacturer: Upper Deck
Set: All-Star Classics
Card Number: 96
Card Type: Base

Let's go back a few years.  Not all the way back to Robin's playing days instead we'll go back to the year that he had the most baseball cards produced with his likeness.  And that year is 2005.  2005 also marked one of the year's that the most baseball card products were produced.  At the time there were sets that were trying to hit all the marks and this set of course celebrates the mid-summer classic.  Not to be confused with Upper Deck Classics or Sweet Spot Classics or heaven forbid Donruss Classics, no this set featured players, both past and present, both active, retired, and HOFers.  It's a great set for baseball fans. Oddly no autographs to be found in the set.  The hits would have been two relics, one gold parallel (the only parallel set), and 5 inserts.  This product was also a retail exclusive.  Not much to chase for Yount fans other than his base card and gold parallel serial numbered to 499.  A Brewers fan favorite Robin only made the All-Star team 3 times in his 20 year career all in the early 80s.

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