Monday, December 1, 2014

1981 Fleer

Card Manufacturer: Fleer
Card Set: Fleer Baseball
Year: 1981
Card Number: 511
Card Type: Base

If you had to ask me what was my favorite Fleer design and set from the years they produced a flagship baseball set I would have to say without a doubt 1981.  Fleer wasn't know for it's flashy designs. As a matter of fact up until about 1995 they were pretty plain and lame.  But Fleer's inaugural release was a pretty decent one if you overlook all the errors in the set, but the overall design is appealing and in 1981 the card stock was a big improvement from what Topps was using.  This would mark the first time in almost 30 years that Topps would have any serious competition.  Fleer would eventually be bought by the Marvel Comics Group and then sold  off when Marvel when bankrupt in the late 90's and eventually it was sold to Upper Deck, who still uses the brand from time to time.

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