Wednesday, December 17, 2014

1999 Upper Deck Retro

Card manufacturer: Upper Deck
Card Set: Retro
Year: 1999
Card Number: 91
Card Type: Base

I'm not really sure what was so retro with Upper Deck Retro.  I do know that boxes were actually little metal lunchboxes.  I don't think that's retro, but it is a neat gimmick.

I ended up picking up this bad boy with the rest of my Black Friday haul. I don't have a lot of cards of Robin from 1999.  That's because compared to just the next year there really aren't that many.  According to the Trading Card Database he has only 10. 1999 marks the year Robin enter the Hall of Fame and it also marks the start of card companies putting out cards featuring him again.  

I'll tell you what I like about this card.  It's the photo.  Think about it. Have you ever seen this photo used?  Sure we get tons of batting, fielding, and posed shots, but I don't know if I can think of another card featuring Robin sliding, hell even base running is rare.  Who knows maybe he's sliding head first into third on a triple, or stealing second, or just trying to get back to the bag.  Great photo, great angle, marginal card design.

There are two parallels to this card.  A gold version numbered to 250, which still commands a pretty heft price, and the platinum 1 of 1, which I'm not sure has ever seen the light of day.

Robin also has some very limited autograph cards in the set.  I think if you could find a box of this it might be fun to open.  And then you'd have a little lunchbox for your sandwich.

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