Monday, December 1, 2014

2014 Topps High Tek - Holy crap that's going to be a lot of Younts

I was just perusing the checklist for Topps High Tek ,which is due out in a couple of days, and noticed that Mr. Yount again is being shown the love by being included in the base set and autograph set.

That's pretty significant as each base card has 12 variations and 8 parallels and 4 printing proofs.  That means if I did my math right there are at least 144 new Yount cards about to be released for this product just in the base cards and add to that 10 or 11 autograph cards. I'm not sure if the autos will have 12 variations as well or just be one card with parallels.

I'm waiting to add these to the 2014 Yount checklist, which will push the total close to 400 cards, until after I see how the checklist and cards are organized, because this is one issue that's going to be cluster to keep track of.

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