Wednesday, March 6, 2019

1995 Michael Bolton - George Teague Charity Softball

Year: 1995
Manufacturer: ???
Set: Michael Bolton/George Teague Charity Softball 
Card Number: NNO

I am continually inspired by the generosity of our collecting community.  Friend of the blog Alex T, who you may remember from the other Yount Teague League post from last year surprised me recently (well actually not that recently anymore) with an email saying he had something coming for me.  He had found a copy of Robin's 1995 Michael Bolton - George Teague Charity Softball Game card for me.  This is a pretty insane oddball and not that easy to find.  I've even seen this listed as a 1992 card.

That brings up another point of contention with the card sets.  The Bolton-Teague Charity softball events were held for 5 years in the mid to late 90's, with the last game in 1998.  As far as I can tell on only 3 card sets were produced.  Beckett lists the last set as a 1997 set, it does not have the other two sets.  General consensus is that the first set the 1995 set, which features the 1995 team was made available at the 1996 charity game. Either as a giveaway, donation premium, or just for purchase.  The 1996 featured the 1996 available at the 1997 game and the 1997 set featuring 1997 team available at the 1998 game.  But the wrappers aren't much help either and it's possible that the first two sets were available at the same time.  However when looking at the cards that progression from the 1995 set, featured here, to the 1996 which featured a foil name to the 1997 which featured even more foil on the cards.

Regardless it's a great oddball to add to the collection.  

Thanks again Alex!