Friday, September 23, 2011

1991 Star Stellar Set and a Long over due thank you.

Well now.... First off let me apologize for the sparseness of posts here lately. Life seems to get in the way sometimes and while I've been trying to post fairly regularly over at my main blog Collector's Crack, my ancillary blogs like this one have kinda fallen to the wayside.  But with the summer field season now at a close and a long Alaskan winter in front of me it's time to get back to it.

You may remember, or not it's been so long,  that I posted about another Yount supercollector way back in Feburary.  And to call Matt a supercollector is putting it lightly, he puts my collection to shame.   He was genrerous enough to send me a huge selection of graded Younts that he wanted to get rid of.  They found a nice home in my collection and then Matt went and sent me another box a few weeks later.  And this is my long over due thank you.  I've been meaning to post something about this literally for over 6 months, 6 freaking months!.  I had this great box of stuff Matt sent me sitting there waiting to be scanned and inventoried and added and it kinda just sat there.  I blame getting married, but it's not that I didn't think about it.  Inside that box were more graded goodies but also lots of raw cards.  There were relics and numbered cards, old police issues and even a few Rollie Fingers.  So over the next few months I plan on posting quite a bit about that generous donation, long over due.  And I'll put the Rollies up over at the Rollie Finger Collector.

I started going though that box a few days ago and the first thing I grabbed was this set of 1991 Star Stellar cards.  This set has a print run of only about 500 I do believe and is one of the tougher sets to find.  The standard Catalog lists these cards for about $4.50 a piece so they aint' cheap.  Yount was featured on cards #28 to 36.   And here are all 9.

You'll notice the lettering is kinda fuzzy.  I thought that this was from ink bleeding, but I actually thing this was how it was printed.  To give the effect of glowing. 

Well there you have it the 1991 Star Stellar set.  Thanks again Matt.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Slow but Great

Wow I can't believe it's been so long since I posted here.  I apologize to all the Yountophiles out there.  Been slow on the new acquisitions and I've got some other stuff to post but been really busy, but now that things have calmed down at work I plan on posting much more frequently.  But I'm just here to show off a recent grab off the eBay.

A 2009 Topps Sterling White Suede #d to 50.  Would you be shocked if I told you I picked this bad boy up for under a dollar?  Well not with shipping but purchase price was .99 cents.  What a grab! I remembering bidding on these in 2009 and 2010 and they were going upwards of 20 bucks.  Oh time you are my great equalizer.