Saturday, November 29, 2014

1989 Hills Team MVP's

Card Manufacturer: Topps
Card Set: Hills Team MVP's
Set Type: Box
Year: 1989
Card Number: 33
Card Type: Base

I'm a sucker for those late 80's early 90's box sets.  They were cheap and still are, but filled with stars and Hall of Famers.

Hills Department Stores put out two box sets.  This one and one the next year called The Hitmen. Hills was acquired by Ames in 1998, which also put out a box set this year.  Most of these sets have the players arranged alphabetically and that means Robin has the honor of being last in most of them.  Most of these sets have 33 or 44 players featured in them and that goes for a lot of the food issues too.  This may seem like an odd numbering for a card set, but only for those who don't know the printing process.  On a standard uncut sheet of standard sized baseball cards there are 132 cards per sheet.  That means you can put 4 full sets on a sheet if it's got 33 and 3 full sets if it has 44.  What that means is these sets and cards are plentiful and cheap.  But that's ok too. This is a really nicely done set. The cards are on premium card stock and have a glossy finish.

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  1. I'm with you -- these 44-card boxed sets, though certainly overproduced, are some of my favorites with the premium card stock and the glossy finish.