Monday, April 1, 2013

Tying up some loose ends

At the end of 2012 there were two Yount cards on my radar that I had yet to aquire.  Both had been going for way more than I wanted to spend and I had missed out until recently.

The first card was Robin's 2012 Topps Golden Giveaway Gold parallel die cut card.  I had picked up the regular card soon after people started getting them in hand, but this bad boy was always out of reach.  The seller was either always asking way too much or the auctions were ended way too high for my liking.  I finally got this one for well under what I wanted to pay.  I guess patience paid off in the end and I was getting a little worried.  There's a fine line on waiting too long.  Sometimes cards like this just disappear or you have only one seller who wants way too much.

The second card I needed was this 2012 Gypsy Queen Mini Relic card.  I had picked up the full size relic card a long time ago.  And seeing that 2013 Gypsy Queen is here already it was about time I finally got my hands on this one.  I'm not sure how many of these were made, but I know that a few of the veteran HOFer's were short printed and Mr. Yount's card was no different.  I had never seen more than a couple of these listed at anyone time and I was getting a little worried I had waited to long to try and go after it.  But recently another pair popped up on the ebay so I was able to pick this guy up for a great price.

That's most of the 2012 cards I need.  Sure Panini has a few from it's Cooperstown set I need, but I'm not in  a hurry.