Friday, November 16, 2012

Drinking with Yount

When I seriously started collecting Robin Yount stuff I decided not to limit myself to just baseball cards. So I have quite an eclectic collection of different stuff featuring his likeness.  Some of the neater stuff has been the drink ware.

First will go back to 1977.  RC cola feature all sorts of players on its cans in 1977 and 1978.  I'm still looking to pick up a cheap Rollie Fingers can. A heavy duty steel can, back when you could kill a man with a soda can.

7-11 featured ball players and other athletes on its Slurpee cups from the early seventies through the eighties.

1982 McDonalds put out a set of 6 Brewers Glasses in the greater Milwaukee area.  In my quick online search I really didn't find much out about the set.  But each glass features 2 players.

Yount shares his glass with Ben Oglivie.
I'm not sure if these came out before or after the Brewers won the AL championship.

Next we have the 1992 commemorative 3000th hit Coke Can.  Who ever saved this can wanted it to be closed on top so they punched two holes in the bottom to drain the soda.

And finally maybe just a cup of coffee.
I never have been able to find any really good information on these cups.

I know that there are at least 6 from searching on ebay
George Bamberger who managed the team from 1978 -1980 and 85-86.  I do believe these might be from the earlier tenure, but I'm not sure. Players also featured include:
Jim Gantner
Rollie Fingers (which I still want one of)
Paul Molitor and
Cecil Cooper
I'm not sure if they came out at the same time, where giveaways at the stadium, a mail in, or something else. I think I'm going to have to email Bob Lemke. There are some design differences between the cups as well.

There's a nice faxsimile autograph on the side of the cup.

There you have it my Robin Yount drinkware.