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2014 Topps High Tek Ultimate Yount checklist and gallery

I am going to attempt to try and keep track of all 144 base cards and autos. It doesn't appear that there is a guide or checklist out yet for each of the 12 base design variations or whether there are more than 12 designs spread out in the issue. Say there are 100 different designs, but each player only has 12.

I'm also not sure if the auto cards have design variations or just the parallels.  And from the few backs I've seen there isn't a design numbering system like the older issues of Tek so Robin's card number is HT-RY, but it isn't labeled design 2 or B or whatever.  So for my own record keeping I'm going to be labeling the base cards 1 - 12 and I'll put a label with it too, like wavy design, cracked ice, or whatever and keep the same numbering through for the parallel variations as well.  Alright here we go.  And I'll be adding images below as I find them.  Pretty much my ordering will be as I find the design I'll add it.

Right now my total card count is 155, but if the autos have pattern variations as well that number will go way up.  It'll be fun to see what we start seeing here in the next couple of days.  And if you want to suggest names for the patterns feel free.  I'm only listing stuff as I find it for Robin and not other players as I'm unsure if there are only 12 patterns total in the set.  Good hunting!

 OK seems like we were a little misled by Topps and the sell sheet, although they didn't say there would be 12 base designs per player.  Ryan over at Cardboard Connection seems to have a handle on the layout you can read about it over THERE.

So it looks like there are 12 patterns, but there are split up into American and National League, with each league getting 6 and that some patterns are much scarcer than others.  Robin was lumped into the American League, I guess it could have gone either way.

So Robin has 6 patterns I've seen 5 of the 6, but I'll assume that he has a Circuit Board pattern too and I've listed the variations in supposed order or rarity from most common to rarest.

Only the most common card, the Wave Patter has the numbered Diffractor parallels and also is the only card featured for the autographs.  That brings us down to a total of 29.  Much more manageable.

HT-RY-1 - Wave Pattern
HT-RY-2 - Spirals (Rings)
HT-RY-3 - Laser Ice
HT-RY-4 - Circuit Board?
HT-RY-5 - Cracked Ice (about 1 per case)
HT-RY-6 - Stripes

HT-RY-1 - Gold Diffractor #/99
HT-RY-1 -Ice Diffractor #/75
HT-RY-1 -Disco Diffractor #/50
HT-RY-1 -Clouds Diffractor #/25
HT-RY-1 -Black and White Image #/15
HT-RY-1 -Red Storm Diffractor #/10
HT-RY-1 -Blue Dots Diffractor #/5
HT-RY-1 -Charcoal Galactic Diffractor 1/1
HT-RY-1 -Black Printing Proof 1/1
HT-RY-1 -Cyan Printing Proof 1/1
HT-RY-1 -Magenta Printing Proof 1/1
HT-RY-1 -Yellow Printing Proof 1/1

HT-RY - Base
HT-RY - Disco Diffractor #/50
HT-RY - Clouds Diffractor #/25
HT-RY - Black and White Image #/15
HT-RY - Red Storm Diffractor #/10
HT-RY - Blue Dots Diffractor #/5
HT-RY - Charcoal Galactic Diffractor 1/1
HT-RY - Black Printing Proof 1/1
HT-RY - Cyan Printing Proof 1/1
HT-RY - Magenta Printing Proof 1/1
HT-RY - Yellow Printing Proof 1/1

Base card Wave Pattern

Base Pattern Rings

Laser Ice Base Variation

Circuit board pattern

Cracked Ice Variation (saw it posted that these fall about 1 per case or so)

Stripes Base Variation

Cyan Printing Proof ft

Cyan Printing Proof bk

Here are all the base cards together in one nice grouping.


Gold Diffractor Wave Patterin #/99

Ice Diffractor Wave Pattern #/75

Disco Diffractor Wave Pattern #/50

Cloudy Diffractor #/25 Wave pattern

Black and white parallel Wave pattern #/15

Red Storm #/10


Wave Pattern Disco parallel auto front #/50

Disco parallel auto back

Clouds Diffractor Wave Pattern Auto #/25

Red Storm diffractor auto

Black and White Diffractor auto ft

Black and White Diffractor auto back

Blue Dots Auto #/5

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