Friday, February 25, 2011

WOW! Generosity from the Greatest Yount Supercollector

I consider myself a Yount supercollector.  I do.  Yount is my #1 Player collection.  I rank Rollie fingers as my #2, with Reggie Jackson and Brett Favre tied for #3.  But Yount is my man.  I'm lucky enough to have seen him play a few times before he retired while I was in college and I have to say those road trips down to County Stadium with my college buds were some good times.  Growing up it was an odd pleasure to see a Brewers game on TV for me being a military brat at the time and spending most of my formative years out of Wisconsin.  But it's nice to know that the Yount Collector has some fans.  

Matt emailed me and posted on here a while back that he like the site and was himself a big Yount fan and collector.  I guess big is an understatement.  See Matt holds the distinction of having the finest set of all time on the PSA registry and the finest complete master set of Yount cards.  This is all Yount's cards produced in his career not all cards produced ever, but I'm sure Matt has a ton of the newer stuff as well.  You can find the collection here on the PSA Registry website.  The funny thing is I actually ran across Matt's collection pursuing the site looking for Younts I needed and should go after.  I remember being a little awestruck by the sheer size and completeness, not to mention just the time and resources that obviously went into putting something like that together. Not only that by Matt has pictures of everyone of them on his registry sight.  A great visual reference as well.

Anyways Matt said he had a bunch of extra Younts and more specifically some that weren't on my collection list that I could have if I sent him my address.  Not to look a gift horse in the mouth I sent Matt back a reply and a thank you and a few weeks later I had a box sitting on my door step.  What was inside blew me away.  The box was kinda heavy, which I though was kinda odd.  I had been expecting maybe a bubble mailer with a small stack of raw cards that I needed.  I was curious this was much too heavy to be a few cards it had to be a crap load!!  Well even more to my surprise was that it was a nice selection of Younts but they were all graded!!  38 to be exact.  I was pretty blow away.  I have been picking up cheap graded Younts here and there when I find them but wow.

So I just want to thank Matt again. What a generous and awesome thing you have done.
Here are the cards.  Check'em out.

First up is the 1993 Topps Rockies Inaugural stamp card.  There is also a Marlin's version of this card.

The 1982 Fleer Stamps Yount.  This is one of the "cards" I didn't have that I now get to add to the have list.

a 1983 Perma-Graphics credit card.  If you've ever seen one of these you know what I mean about it being a credit card.  The "card" were printed on plastic.

Another "card" I didn't have.  So many stickers.

I could I had all three years of the glossy send in's but I don't see this on my list so score.  Plus these cards can be hard to find. Especially in such nice shape.

Another sticker I didn't have.

This is one of the Gardner's I was also looking for.

A nice 1987 Fleer Star Sticker.  I did have one of these.

One of the late 80's box set Fleer's.

And another one.

And another one.

And one I needed. Sweet.

There were also some nice graded Star cards

This is my first Star Stellar card.  I'm still looking for a nice set to add to the collection.

A Topps Big.  89 edition.

An 89 Sticker card with Joe Carter on the back.

A 91 Score Superstar card.  These were only found in the 100 card blister packs and one per pack.

A Jumbo Sunflower Seeds Card.

92 OPC

Panini doing what they do best.

91 Hit Men Sticker.  Also a card I needed.

92 UD FanFest All-Star Game card.

93 Holo Denny's

93 Donruss Previews card.  Sweetness! 

93 Stadium Club Members Only

94 Miller Beer Card.  This is actually one card I have been looking for for a long time.

Pacific Prismy goodness.

94 Score Gold Rush.  Another card I've been having a hard time finding.  These were the Score parallel set inserts in 94. 

2002 UD Peice of History MVP Club.

92 Leaf Checklist.  This card is actually in the holder backwards.  This is the front of the card not the back.  You can tell by the numbering of the cards 353 to 380 here and 381 to whatever on the other side.

Matt was also nice enough to send a few relic cards as well.

A dual Yount/Winfield card.  It's a peice of Winfield bat on the card but still a nice card.

2002 Topps Record Breakers.

And finally a 92 Leaf Gold Previews.  A very hard card to find raw and Matt added to the stack.

Wow what a great lot to add to the old Yount pile.  Now to update my have and need lists.  I want to thank Matt again for the generosity and great cards.

cb out.

Friday, February 4, 2011

My first 2011 Yount

Yes I already posted this card over at Collector's Crack as part of my 2 Jumbo Box Break.  But I'm going to post it here simply because it's my first 2011 issued cards of Robin Yount.

Yeah it's a reprint of this 1976 card but new is new.

Here's the back.
It's part of the 60 Years of Topps set.