Thursday, September 20, 2018

1991 Milwaukee Brewers Hartford Police

Year: 1991
Manufacturer: ??
Set: Milwaukee Brewers Police
Police Set: Hartford PD, International Stamping and Local 152
Card Number: NNO

I have quite a few specialized saved searches on ebay.  One of them just happens to be Yount Police cards.  Most of the time when I get hits for it, it's overpriced Milwaukee Police sets from the late 80's, but every now and again I find exactly what I'm looking for.  If you're unfamiliar with the Brewers Police issues, basically the Brewers would have a stadium giveaway night and give out police sets.  But other cities and towns would also have giveaways.  I'm not sure how other towns did it, but my home town would have police officers hand out cards during our 4th of July celebration.  During the late 80's and early 90's there were close to 100 cities and towns participating.  A few year's ago Tony L from Off Hiatus Baseball Cards, a fellow Brewers collector and friend of the blog, shared a fairly comprehensive but admitted most likely not complete list of participating towns for each year.  Hartford was not on the list for the 1991 set, but was listed in the 1990 and 1992, so I can now confirm that Hartford also has a 1991 set.  

This was the kind an auction that I specifically set my eBay search for.  Not whole overpriced team sets, but just one single new Yount.  Robin did come teamed up with Don August in the auction and for a $1.05 delivered I couldn't pass it up.  I've updated the Brewers Police checklist page so Hartford is now in the 1991 sets and updated the Trading Card Database.

Monday, September 17, 2018

2008 Topps Sterling White Suede Parallel #219

Year: 2008
Manufacturer: Topps
Set: Sterling
Card Number: 291, RY3
Card Type: Parallel
Parallel Set: White Suede
Card Attributes: Serial Numbered
Serial Number: 38/50

It's been awhile since we had a Topps Sterling card on the blog.  When 2008 Sterling came out I was enamored by it.  Not enamored enough to drop the $250-300 per box, but definitely enough to pony up for some great relic autos featuring Robin.  The product was HOF themed and each box was player specific.  Robin had 11 base cards in the set.  Base cards were numbered to only 250 and of course there were parallels.  While I have long since finished my Robin Yount base card set, I only have a few of the Suede White parallel cards.  Numbered to only 50 they are the most numerous parallel in the set.  The only difference between this card and the base card is the bright white border and the bold serial numbering to 50.  Card 291 commemorates Robin's breakout 1980 season that earned him his first All-Star appearance and his first Silver Slugger award.

Tuesday, September 11, 2018

2017 Topps Update Commemorative MVP Medallion

Year: 2017
Manufacturer: Topps
Set: Update
Card Number: MVPR-RY
Card Type: Insert
Insert Set: Commemorative MVP Award Medallion
Card Attributes: Manurelic, Heavy

I'm still just starting to dip my toes back into the eBay game.  I decided a couple years ago to stop set collecting and just focus on my team and player sets.  And to be honest I really have just been mainly focusing on Robin.  I've been pretty selective with my purchases over the last 8 months or so and have just now started to finally find some the cards I missed last year.

I ended up picking up Robin's 2017 Topps Update Commemorative MVP Medallion card for a great price.  The last one I bid on went for about 10 bucks so I was pleased to win this card for about a buck and a half plus shipping.  

The first thing I noticed when I opened the package is just how impressively heavy this card is.  I have a feeling you would have no problem picking this card out of a box.  This card commemorates Robin's 1982 MVP award and it might as well commemorate his 1989 one as well, because he didn't get two cards in the set.  I'm not a huge fan of manufactured relics, but they do have a place in my collection, and this card is very well done.  There are also numbered variations of the set.

Friday, September 7, 2018

1993 Score Select

Year: 1993
Manufacturer: Score
Set: Select
Card Number: 22
Card Type: Base

The first year of the Select brand would just so happen to be the last year Robin played in the league.  Robin would have plenty of cards in early set in 1994, but sadly he didn't get a card in the 94 Select series, which was a lot cooler looking than this base set, although there are some cool inserts in the set Robin isn't featured in any of them.  We do get a great photo of Robin at bat and there is a nice quote from coach Garner on the back, but it's slim picking on any stats back there.  There is I nice back photo as well, which must be what makes this Select.

Thursday, September 6, 2018

2002 Upper Deck Piece of History MVP Club Relic Card

Year: 2002
Manufacturer: Upper Deck
Set: Piece of History
Card Type: Insert, Relic
Insert Set: The MVP Club
Card Number: M-RY
Card Attributes: Relic, SP
Relic Type: Pants

I've been on an eBay hiatus for almost a year.  No buying or selling.  But as my summer work schedule slowed down I decided to jump back in sell a few cards to build a little nest egg in my Paypal account and maybe hunt for a few treasures.  I've been searching for this card for over 16 years.  Beckett has this card listed as a short print or SP, but doesn't have an estimated print run.  But I can tell you I've maybe seen 3 of these come up for auction in the last decade and a half and a quick search over at show about 4 or 5 unique auctions in the last ten years.  So lets just say it's been hard to find and even harder to pick up as the few cards bid on have gone for way more than I wanted to pay.  So I was very pleased to have picked up this card for less than $6 delivered.  It's the last card of Robin's in the set I needed.  Robin is featured in the base set as well as 3 inserts sets.  Tape Measure Heroes, Hitting for the Cycle, and the MVP club, he also happens to have cards in the two of the relic parallel sets,  this set and Tape Measure Heroes.  The two color relic was a big deal in 2002 when most relics were plain, one color swatches, but it seems like there were lots and lots of pieces of Robin's pinstriped pants to go around back then.  A great addition to the collection and I'm glad to finally be able to cross this card off the want list.

Tuesday, September 4, 2018

2018 Topps Luminaries Yount Checklist and Gallery

Not much in the way of Brewers in the set, but Robin has a few cards as does Hank Aaron as a Brewer.  I'll add images here as I find them.

2018 Topps Luminaries Hit Kings Autograph #HK-RY #/15
2018 Topps Luminaries Hit Kings Autograph Red #HK-RY #/10
2018 Topps Luminaries Hit Kings Autograph Blue #HK-RY #/5
2018 Topps Luminaries Hit Kings Autograph Black #HK-RY #/1
2018 Topps Luminaries Hit Kings Autograph Patches #HKAP-RY #/5
2018 Topps Luminaries Hit Kings Autograph Patches Black #HKAP-RY #/1
2018 Topps Luminaries Hit Kings Ultimate Book Autograph (with 40 players) #HITB-1 #/1

Saturday, September 1, 2018

2003 Topps Retired Signature Series Black Parallel

Year: 2003
Manufacture: Topps
Set: Retired Signature Edition
Card Type: Parallel
Parallel Set: Black
Card Attributes: Serial Numbered
Serial Number: 33/99

I'm not ashamed to say I really like the 2003 Topps design.  I unfortunately was not collecting much do to work in the early 2000's so all I really have are the contents of a few series 1 flagship packs.  That being said the 2003 Retired Signature Edition gave us cards of Robin on the 2003 design.  While the flagship had a blue border, this series had white bordered base cards.  Boxes had 5 packs with 4 base cards and one uncirculated encased autograph card.  And there were also refractor autos and these black parallels.  Robin also has autographs in this series.  It's a great looking card the scan does not do it justice the black border is kind of sparkly and the back colors match to the Brewers team colors.  Plus I love the jumbo serial numbering.  I really miss being able to read the serial numbers without having to squint.