Wednesday, December 13, 2017

2014 Panini Hall of Fame - Crusades Purple

Year: 2014
Manufacturer: Panini
Set: Hall of Fame 75th Anniversary 
Card Number: 83
Card Type: Insert Parallel
Insert: Crusade
Parallel: Purple
Card Attributes: Serial Numbered
Serial Number: 12/50

I just got my COMC delivery earlier this week.  In the package was about 20 new Younts for my collection.  Not all of those cards were actually bought on Black Friday, but I did manage to find a few good deals.  I went on a small Yount Crusade if you will.  I ended up picking up a nice stack of 2014 Panini Hall of Fame cards including 4 Crusades.  The whole set is a complete mess with incredibly confusing parallels and variations.  I put together a checklist back when the set came out just to try and keep it straight, but it's still fairly confusing.  But the Crusade cards are pretty straight forward as far as parallels go.  There are seven Crusade cards to chase with all six color parallels being very low numbered.  I think the unnumbered base card, which will be featured in the future, is my favorite with the blue and yellow color scheme.  All the Crusade cards are of this chromey-prizmy type and really pop in hand.  They also all feature a yellow right side, so the color variation is on the left. The parallels are all serial numbered on the back and this purple variation is numbered to just 50.

Saturday, December 9, 2017

2017 Leaf Q Base Autograph Blue Parallel

Year: 2017
Manufacturer: Leaf
Set: Leaf Q
Card Type: Base Autograph Parallel
Parallel: Blue Foil
Card Number: BA-RY1
Card Attributes: Autographed, Serial Number
Autograph type: On Card
Serial Number: 6/15

It's been well over a year since I last purchased something off of ebay.  I stopped selling about a year ago, because I had to pack up my scanner and most of my cards to begin the process of selling and buying a house.  This June that finally all came together and I was able to start unpacking and reorganizing my collection.  So a couple months ago I started listing a few things on eBay to pare down the inventory and to give myself a little fun money to play with.  

I've been watching current Yount autos for the better part of a year and for some reason prices seem to really have dropped off. Not totally, but for the unlicensed stuff it's been really noticeable.  Leaf Q came out about a month ago and I've been watching a lot of Robin's cards and noting what things have been going for.  I decided to try my luck and was able to snag this auto for less than the price of a blaster.  That's pretty insane and it's by far the lowest priced Yount auto I've ever added to the collection. And that includes my super ugly 2008 TriStar auto. Not that I'm complaining at all.  Brian Gray really likes to use a lot of foil on his cards and this set has plenty.  These blue foil parallel autos are numbered to just 15 and the autograph is on card to make it even sweeter.  Sure I'd love a logo on that batting helmet, but it's still a very pretty card in hand.

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

2002 Fleer Greats of the Game

Year: 2002
Manufacturer: Fleer
Set: Greats of the Game
Card Type: Base
Card Number: 66

The early 2000's marked a time where card companies were starting to cash in on the Hall of Fame and retired player marked.  Fleer's Greats of the Game was just one in a long line of products to fill that niche.

Robin has a base card in the set and a bunch of relic and auto cards to chase.  But here's something unique, and maybe it's just early in the trend, but this set has no base parallels.  I do love the full career stats on the back.  Plus the card has a nice feel to it.  And I actually me the feel you get when you touch it.

Monday, December 4, 2017

2017 Rediscover Topps 1988 Gold Foil Stamped Buyback

Year: 2017 sort of
Manufacturer: Topps
Card Number: 165
Card Type: Buyback
Card Set: Rediscover Topps - Gold Foil

It's rare that I find a card of Robin's that I don't already own at my LCS.  I stopped in the other day having not set foot in Don's Sportcards in a couple months.  I really just wanted to say and hi and maybe pick up a few cheap cards if I found anything that piqued my interest.

While looking through the 50 cent boxes I came across this guy.  I'm not big on these buybacks.  And I'll be damned if I'm going to pay the crazy money some people want for these.  This exact card is up on COMC with a price of over $20!  But for a couple quarters I couldn't pass it up.  Plus it's the Gold Foil parallel of the buybacks.  There are 5 levels of rarity with Gold being the middle level.  

Friday, December 1, 2017

2005 Upper Deck SP Authentic Base

Year: 2005
Manufacturer: Upper Deck
Set: SP Authentic
Card Type: Base
Card Number: 82

What do you say about this card.  I'm torn, because I love the photo.  While not the most flatting, it shows Robin most likely at shortstop like the card lists his position.  He's crouched ready to pounce in his classic Brewers powder blue uniform and sweet glove logo hat.  And those flip up shades scream 80's! I'm just not a fan of the cropped out image.

The back only has 5 years of stats, but they bookend Robin's 2 MVP seasons.  
The Robin also has two relic parallels of his base card in this set.

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

2008 Playoff Prime Cuts Icons Quad Relic

Year: 2008
Manufacturer: Donruss/Playoff
Set: Prime Cuts
Card Number: 22
Card Type: Insert Relic
Insert Set: Icons Materials - ICON
Relic Type: Quad Jersey
Card Attributes: Jersey Relic, Serial Numbered
Serial number: 7/9

I'd have to double check, but I'm pretty certain I don't own any 1 of 1 Yount cards, that includes printing plates. That might be surprising knowing that I super collect Robin's cards and he is by far my primary collecting focus for my entire trading card collection.  But honestly printing plates hold no more collecting value to me or emphasis than the card it was used to print.  That's mainly because I'm admittedly cheap and there are plenty of fellow Yount collector's that will pony up for those cards.  I'm not saying they wouldn't have a place in my collection, it's just not a focus of mine to chase those cards.  But that being said I do have a nice smattering of low numbered cards in my collection.  One of those is this quad relic from the Donruss/Playoff Prime Cuts set.  The Icons insert set has a ton of relic, autograph and relic autograph parallels.  This parallel is called the ICON parallel for the obvious reason the relic windows spell out ICON.  It's really a shame the swatches weren't more interesting on a card numbered to just 9.  Interestingly enough Donruss also skirted the licensing rules about logos.  You can clearly see the classic Brewers MB glove logo on Robin's helmet and he's in true team colors.   Upper Deck would pretty much put an end to this type of  card that walks the fine line when it got sues over it's 2010 Baseball set.  So now we get baseball cards from Panini that have zero logos and photoshopped false uniform colors.  

Monday, November 27, 2017

1988 K-Mart Memorable Moments

Year: 1988
Manufacturer: Topps
Set: K-Mart Memorable Moments box set
Set Type: Store Box set
Card Number: 33

The late 80's and early 90's were awash in store branded box sets.  The sets came in a pack that was about the size of a deck of cards.  So many of these were made that sets can still be found in the bargain bins of cards shops around the country.  But if you collect a star player that played during that time chances are they were in at least one and more likely multiple sets.  The 1988 K-mart set marked the middle of a 4 year run of consecutive sets put out by the company.  K-Mart put out a 20th Anniversary set in 1982 and then a 25th Anniversary set in 1987, with Memorable Moments in 1988, Dream Team in 1989, and Superstars in 1990.  Like most of the box sets the checklist is arranged in alphabetical order by last name, so Robin gets the last card in the set.  Robin's Memorable Moment was his 1982 AL MVP season.