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A Reader comes through Yount Star Co. Checklist

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A few weeks back I post a new Yount Card I got over at the Yount Collector. And asked if anyone had any information or new of a site that had information about the sets Star put out in the early 90's. I've consulted the great bible of Baseball cards the Standard Catalog and either I passed over some or it's incomplete. Maybe both. Anyway, reader John set me an email today with a list and link to what he believes is to be a fairly complete checklist of the Star Co. sets. John said he was only missing one card out of the checklist and I asked him if he'd mind if I published his letter. Here it is.

Hello fellow Yount fan!

As a fellow former Wisconsinite, now transplanted to the West Coast, I have been enjoying reading your blogs, and your recent article about the Star Company sets rang a bell for me, as these cards seem to be rather lacking in details in the guide books. I have had a heck of a time trying to figure out all the Yount cards issued by them. Not sure if it was because they were not an 'officially licensed' set, or what the deal is, but just darn hard to get information. But I 'think' I have managed to compile a list. Also, I am not overly savvy yet on on-line photo posting, but I did try and upload pictures of all of the Yount Star company cards here:

As far as I know, I am only missing one, the 1990 Star Glossy promo. If any of your readers can help in tracking down this card, or know of any other Star Co. Yount cards I am missing, I would greatly appreciate the information.

The Star Co. cards have some irregularities in numbering and set size, but each set was between 9 and 11 cards, and each was also preceded by a promo card. In 1990 there were parallel 'glossy' sets issued, which are rather hard to distinguish from the regular set, other than to compare side by side, and notice the high gloss finish. So here is the list that I have for the 68 different Yount Star Co:

1) 1990 Star promo - yellow border, blue lettering, blank back (1)

2) 1990 Star set - yellow border, blue lettering, 11 cards in the set, numbered 1 of 11, 2 of 11 etc. on back (11)

3) 1990 Star Glossy promo - missing from my collection (1)

4) 1990 Star Glossy set - yellow border, blue lettering, 11 cards in the set, numbered 1 of 11, 2 of 11 etc. on back, super high gloss on front, hard to distinguish from regular set without comparing side by side (11)

5) 1990 Star Robin Yount/Kevin Mitchell set promo - yellow border, brown lettering, blank back (1)

6) 1990 Star Robin Yount/Kevin Mitchell set, purple border, white lettering, 11 cards in the set, numbered 1 of 11, 2 of 11 etc. on back, Yount appears on cards 1,3,5,7,9, and 11 (6)

7) 1990 Star Robin Yount/Kevin Mitchell Glossy set promo - yellow border, brown lettering, blank back (1)

8) 1990 Star Robin Yount/Kevin Mitchell Glossy set, purple border, white lettering, 11 cards in the set, numbered 1 of 11, 2 of 11 etc. on back, Yount appears on cards 1,3,5,7,9, and 11. (6)

9) 1990 Star Nova promo - yellow and gray border, blank back (1)

10) 1990 Star Nova set - yellow and orange border, 9 cards in set, numbering as part of a larger overall set, Yount cards numbered 10-18, states '1 of 500 SETS' on back (9)

11) 1991 Star Millennium promo - white border, states ' One of only 200 Promos distributed of this player.' on back (1)

12) 1991 Star Millennium set - yellow border, 9 cards in the set, numbered 1, 2, 3 etc, states 'One of only 1,000 sets distributed of this player.' on back (9)

13) 1991 Star Stellar promo - tan and black border, states ' One of only 100 Promos distributed of this player.' on back (1)

14) 1991 Star Stellar set - tan and pink border, 9 cards in the set, numbering as part of a larger overall set, Yount cards numbered 28-36, states 'One of only 500 sets distributed of this player.' on back (9)

So post more and I will continue to enjoy your stuff, and I hope to get some photos of more Yount items up to share with you.

Thanks again, Happy Holidays!

Best, -John Walsdorf, Portland, OR,

Thanks John and if anyone knows of has the card he is looking for drop him a line and if you have two drop me a line as well, because I don't have that card either.

The Yount List.

Finally got around to getting this up and hopefully I'll figure out how to make it it's own stand alone page.
I am currently working on my comprehensive State of the Collection post.  More for me than you but it's always good to reflect and regroup.

This is a fairly complete list, by year, of every Yount related object, card or otherwise, I have in the Supercollection. According to my spreadsheet that this is from the collection contains 732 unique items. If you have a Yount card and don't see it on this list I will be more than willing to try and work a trade out with you.  Cheers.

Misc. Book Mark for Wisconsin Education Assn. Council.

Donruss Diamond Kings cut from something Mini

Sports Report #35 1992

Sticker #104 ???

Card with Oval Picture ??? Red Foley 1992

Legend Sports Memorabilia #10

Hero Deck King Card

Slurpee Square

US Oil Pin and Card

Autographed Champro Official League Baseball

Maxwell House Coffee Cup

1975 (Rookie Year)

Hostess Full Box

Hostess Twinkee #80 card over sized

SSPC #238 Mint Graded Gem Mint 10

Topps #223

Topps Mini #223

Topps #384 Brewers Team Card

Topps #384 Mini Brewers Team Card

O-Pee-Chee #223 vg


Topps #316 (2nd Year) NRMT

Topps #316 (2nd Year)

Hostess Twinkee #11card over sized

A & P picture card 6x9


Chilly Willee Disc ($4.99)

Dairy Isle Disc

Detroit Caesars Disc ($7.99)

Holiday Inn Disc

O-Pee-Chee # 204

7/11 square ??

Pepsi Glove (full glove)

Pepsi Disc

Topps Cloth Sticker #54

Topps #635

Wendy's Disc (9.99) #69

Zip'Z Disc ($5.99)

Zip'Z Disc Graded BVG 9.5

Burger Chef Disc

Burger Chef Full Tray

Hostess Twinkee #34 card over sized

Burger Chef Disc Graded PSA Mint 9


Hostess Panel w/Terry Whitfield and Wayne Garland

Topps #173

Topps #173 FGS Graded Gem Mint 10


Hostess #55

Topps #95 PSA Graded NM 7

O-Pee-Chee # 41

Topps #95

Hostess Panel w/rusty staub, gary alexander


Topps #265

O-Pee-Chee # 139


Donruss #323

Donruss #323 GMA Graded Gem Mt 10

Fleer #511

Fleer Sticker # 38 Graded 10.0 All-Star Grading

Kelloggs 3-D Superstars #57

Kelloggs 3-D Panel w/ Molitor and 7 others

Fleer Sticker Blue Proof Blank Back

O-Pee-Chee #4 Graded GMA Gem Mint 10

Topps #515

Topps Scratch off #10 single

Topps Scratch off #10 w Al Bumbry and Frank White

Topps Scratch off #10 w Rick Cerone, Toby Harrah

Topps Scratch off #10 w/ Ricker Cerone and Ed Farmer

Topps Scratch off #10 w/ Willie Randolph and Toby Harrah

Topps Sticker #95


Donruss #510

Fleer #155

Fleer Stamp #135

Fleer Stamp Strip #135 +

Kellogg's 3-d Super Stars #28

O-Pee-Chee #237


Topps #435 Graded SGC 88

Topps #435

Topps #435 Graded GMA Gem mint 10

SGM panel cut out w/Harry Dalton, Whitey Herzog


1983 Topps #350

1983 Topps All Star # 389

1983 Topps Batting and Pitching Leaders #321 w/ Pete Vuckovich

SGM Panel Cut out with Willie Wilson, Hal McRae

Donruss #258

Donruss Action All-Stars Giant #56

Donruss Action All-Stars Sealed packs

Fleer #51

Fleer Sticker #18 w/ 75, 114, 166,220, 185, 258,230, 53, 59

Fleer Super Star Special #632

Kelloggs #14 3-d Super Stars

O-Pee-Chee Sticker #81


Permagraphics Super Star 1983

Topps All Star Commenrative #5 of 22

Topps Gardner's Series II #22

Topps Drakes Big Hitters 3rd edition #33

Topps Sticker (Italian) #81


7-11 Slurpee Coin #2 or 24 (Superstar Sports Coins)

Donruss #48

Donruss Diamond Kings #1 Error card

Donruss Champion Giant #47

Donruss Giant #5

Fleer #219

O-Pee-Chee #10

Stadia Police Issue (Milwaukee Police)

Topps #10

Topps / Ralston Purina (1st Annual) #21of 33

Topps All Star Insert #5 of 22

Topps Sticker #295

Topps Miltion Bradley Championship Baseball

Topps Scratch off (Italian) w/ Tony Pena, Fernando Valenzuela

Topps Sticker Wrapper with Yount on Cover

Topss/ Drakes Bakeries (4th annual) #33 of 33


All Star Game Insert

Donruss # 44

Leaf #44

Donruss Giant #21

Fleer #601

Fleer Limited Edition #44 of 44

Fun Foods Pin #29

O-Pee-Chee #340

Topps #340

Topps Drakes Issue #33 5th Annual edition

Topps Drakes #33 Big Hitters 5th annual GMA graded 10

Topps #340 BCCG Graded 10

Topps #340 Cello pack w Yount on top


Donruss #48

Fleer McGordy's Sluggers Baseballs Best #44 of 44

Fleer Star Sticker #130

Fleers #506

Jiffy Pop Disc #5

Topps #780

True Value Super Stars #11

Jays Potato Chip Disc


Boardwalk and Baseball Top Run Makers #9 of 33 Error w/o slash

Boardwalk and Baseball Top Run Makers #9 of 33 w/ slash

Classic Trivia #44

Donruss #126

Donruss #58 Red front (opening day)

Fleer #361

Fleer #361 Glossy Graded BCCG Mint 10

Fleer Limited Edition #44 of 44

Fleer Sticker #130

Hostess Superstar (Canadian Issue in Potato Chips #25 )

Kraft Home Plate Heroes #23 w/Chili Davis from back of mac and cheese box

Kraft Home Plate Heroes #23

Leaf #67

Sports Flics # 16

Stuart Super Stars Panel #21 w/ P. Molitor, Cecil Cooper (Canadian Issue)

Topps # 773

Topps Tiffany #773

Topps #773 Graded PSA Gem Mt 10

Fleer #361 BCCG Graded 10


Donruss Baseball's best

Donruss #295

Fleer #178

Fleer Baseball MVP #44 of 44

Fleer Mini #33

Fleer Sticker #40

Fleer Superstars # 44 of 44

Leaf #106 Graded PSA Gem Mt 10

O-Pee-Chee #165 Blank Back (Canadian Issue)

Score #160

Sports Flics #34

Stadia Police Issue (Milwaukee Brewers)

Starting Lineup Talking Baseball #26

Starting Lineup w/ lose figure

Topps Coin #32

Topps #165

Topps Tiffany #165

Topps UK Mini #87

Topps UK Mini Tiffany Glossy #87

Topps Jumbo # 66

Topps K-Mart Memorable Moments of the Eighties #33

Topps Mini #21

Topps #165 BCCG Graded 10


Baseball's Top Twenty #20 series 1

Bowman #144 oddsize

Bowman Tiffany #144 oddsize

Classic #83

Donruss #55

Donruss #55 BCCG Graded 10

Donruss Diamond Kings #5

Fleer #200

Fleer Baseball's Exciting Stars #44 of 44

King B Disc #13

O-Pee-Chee Sticker #21

O-Pee-Chee #253

Police Issue Tomahawk Wisconsin Police #19

Score #151

Score Superstar #28 (Bonus Card in 100 Count Blister Packs)

Sports Flics # 19

Topps #615

Topps Tiffany #615

Topps Baseball Talk Collection

Topps Cap'n Crunch #21 of 22

Topps Coin #60

Topps Hills Team MVP's issue #33 of 33

Topps Jumbo #249 (big)

Topps Kay Bee SuperStars of Baseball #33 of 33

Topps Star Sticker Mini #21

Topps Super Star Sticker #205 w/ Doc Gooden

Topps Super Star Sticker #205 w/ Harold Reynolds

Upper Deck #285

Upper Deck #285 PSA Graded Mint 9


All American Baseball Team MLB #13 of 24

Bowman #404

Bowman Tiffany #404

Bowman Contest Entry Card w/Yount art on front

Bowman Art Card Lithograph

Classic #147

Cadeco disc

Collect-A-Books # 9

Donruss Learning Series #37

Donruss #146

Donruss #22 (Blue front) Best A.L.

Fleer #340

Fleer Baseball All Stars #44 of 44

JKA Pin Baseball buttons Red

Big League All-Stars MVP #7

Fleer League Leaders #44 of 44

King B Disc #18

Leaf #71

Phoenix Magnetables PSA Graded NM7

Phoenix Magnetables PSA Graded EXMNT 6

Post/MSA (1st collector series)#26 of 30

SCD Magazine Cut out #22

Score #320

Score AL MVP 1982 Lenticular insert mini #38 of 56

Score Disc #9

Score Superstar # 28 Jumbo Pack Insert

Score Superstar #92

Score Superstar #92 PSA Graded Gem Mt 10

Score McDonalds #25 (blue)

Star #1 of 11 (with Kevin Mitchell)

Star #11of 11

Star #3 of 11

Star #5 of 11

Star #7 of 11

Star #9 of 11

Star Diamond Edition 1of1 w/ real diamond on card #1 w/certificate of authenticity

Star Nova #10 Career Stats 216/500

Star Nova #11 Playoff Stats 216/500

Star Nova #12 World Series Stats 216/500

Star Nova #13 All Star Stats 216/500

Star Nova #14 1982 MVP 216/500

Star Nova #15 1989 MVP 216/500

Star Nova #16 Career Info 216/50

Star Nova #17 Personal Data 216/500

Star Nova #18 Milwaukee 216/500

Star Set Promo Blank Back Yellow border brown letters glossy

Starting Lineup Action Figure Insert

Topps #290

Topps Tiffany #290

Topps Aluminum Ingot Card #290

Topps All-Star #23 of 66 Tiffany Back

Topps All-Star #389

Topps Ames All Stars #5

Topps Bazooka Shining Star #2 of 22

Topps Kay Bee Kings #33

Topps Major League Leaders #22 Mini

Topps Jumbo (big) #59

Topps Magazine #TM12

Topps Super Star Sticker #198 w/Doc Gooden on back

Topps Super Star Sticker #21 w# 111, 236 on back

Topps Super Star Sticker #54 2#49, 204 on back

Topps Super Star Sticker #54 w#214, 133 on back

Topps Woolworth Collector Series #1

Topps Woolworth Collector Series #22

Upper Deck # 567

Upper Deck Collector's Choice #91 checklist

Upper Deck Team Checklist #91

Wonder Stars #11 (Wonder Bread issue)

Jumbo California Sunflower Seeds Autograph Series #6 of 24

Bandai Brass Coin


Baseball Card Guide Monthly # 32

Bowman # 55

Delicious Police Issue Milwaukee Police Dept

Donruss #272

Fleer #601

Fleer Tri-Cards 3-D card in original packaging

Fleer Ultra #184

Leaf #116 (Series 1)

Leaf Studio #80

Moo Town Snackers #17 of 24

O-Pee-Chee Premier #131

Post/MSA Canadian Issue # 21 of 30

Score # 525

Score The Franchise #854

Sports Viewer

Score SuperStar #38

Star Millennium #1 (#0943 of 1000), 957/1000

Star Millennium #2

Star Millennium #3

Star Millennium #4

Star Millennium #5

Star Millennium #6

Star Millennium #7

Star Millennium #8

Star Millennium #9

Star Millennium Promo #d/200

Topps #575

Topps Tiffany #575

Topps Box Bottom #P

Topps Micro #575

Topps Operation Desert Storm Stamped #575

Topps Stadium Club #509

Topps/Cracker Jack Micro card #23 of 36

Upper Deck #344

Legend Sports Memorabilia #49 Gold

Legends Sports Memorabilia #49 Red Foil

BallStreet Magazine insert #58


3000 Hit Certificate with game ticket

Bowman #700

Classic #T98 Jumbo Proof

Delicious Police Issue

Donruss #173

Donruss McDonalds MVP # 12 of 26

Donruss Spirit of the Game #SG 20 3000 hit card

Donruss Triple Play #81

Donruss/Leaf Cracker Jacks #8 of 36 Series 1

Fleer #194

Fleer Art Card #708

Fleer Ultra #87

Fun Stuff (the baseball enquirer Confes #18

Investor's Journal #126

Investor's Journal #99

Jimmy Dean Living Legend #4 of 6

Leaf #64

Leaf/Donruss The Legend Series #d 06879 of 10000

Leaf Studio #200

Milwaukee police and delicious bakery card

Mr. Turkey #26 of 26

O-Pee-Chee #90

O-Pee-Chee Premier #111

Panini Sticker (Italian) #4 w.Junior Felix on back

Pocket Pages #23

Score #525

Score Cooperstown Card #B11

Score 7-11 Super star action slurpee coin #17

Score Pinnacle #287

Score Pinnacle #38

Topps #90

Topps Gold #90

Topps Gold Winner #90

Topps McDonalds Baseball's Best #17 of 44

Topps Micro #90

Topps Stadium Club # 450

Topps Stadium Club Members Only #607

Topps Stadium Club Members Only #607

Topps Stadium Club Members Only #607 East Coast National /1100

Topps Stadium Club Members Only 3000 Hit insert card

Upper Deck #456

Upper Deck All Star Heroes #44

Upper Deck Sports Insert #SP5 3000 Hit Card

Baseball Card Magazine Insert #46


Ameritech Phone Card (50 cents) Robin Yount Tribute Day

Cardtoons #81 Robinhood Yount

Cher-Make Police Issue (Milauwkee Police)

Cher-Make Police Issue (St Francis Police/JPM Distributors)

Cher-Make Police Issue Memorable Moment 3000 hit (St Francis Police)

Country Time Pin (Jersey with #19 on it)

Country Time Pin (triple jersey with Fingers and hank aaron) and cards

Donruss #15

Donruss #441 (Series 2)

Donruss Special Edition Holofoil #15

Donruss Triple Play Action Baseball Bifold #16

Donruss Masters of the Game Oversize card #15 (Postcard) Perez Steele

Duracell #16 of 24

Flair #232

Fleer #260

Fleer Diamond Tribute #10 of 10

Fleer Ultra #227

Highland Mint Bronze Mint Card #d 1511/5000

Kraft Singles Superstars '93 Pull Card (unpulled) #15 of 30

Leaf #188

Leaf Heading for the Hall #3 of 10

Leaf Studio #118

Pacific Prism #1

Pacific Spanish #167

Pinnacle Church's Chicken Hometown Stars #25 of 28

Post Canadian Issue Pull Card #6 of 18

Post/MSA 3000 Hits Card # 30 of 30

SCD Magazine Cut out #41

Score #47

Score Pinnacle #118

Score Pinnacle Cooperstown Card #3

Score Pinnacle Now and Then #293

Score Select #22

Sports Flics #24

Tombstone Super Pro Series #30 of 30

Topps #1

Topps #1 Promo Pre 1993 Production Sample

Topps #1 Rocky Inaugural Stamp

Topps #1 Marlin Inaugural Stamped

Topps Baseball's Finest #192

Topps Gold #1

Topps Micro #1

Topps Micro Prism #1

Topps Stadium Club #173

Topps Stadium Club 3000 Hit Club #1 of 4

Topps Stadium Club #173 1st Day Production

Upper Deck #587

Upper Deck Fun Pack Glow Stars Sticker #69

Diamond Marks book mark

Barry Colla Bookmarks Insert (Art)


Topps Stadium Club #1

Topps #310

Topps Gold #310

Triple Play Action Baseball Bifold # 16 of 30

Upper Deck Head Line Stars w/Dave Winfield 3000 Hit Club #202

Upper Deck #587

upper deck #73

Upper Deck Coca cola Grand Slam #6

Upper Deck Collector's Choice #47

Upper Deck SP #72

Upper Deck Teammates (w/ Molitor and Listach #43

Upper Deck Then and Now #TN15

#9517 of 63000, 9783 of 63000

Donruss Triple Play #60


Upper Deck Final Tribute Card #446

Upper Deck Sonic/CocaCola # 7 of 20





Upper Deck Ulitimate Victory Tribute 1999 #T2


Fleer Greats of the Game #57

Fleer 3000 Club Diecut "3000" card

Upper Deck Accolades #A1

Upper Deck Legends #13

Topps #780 Reprint of the 1986 card

Upper Deck Why 3K? #59


Donruss Classics Legend #175 #'d 1240/1755

Donruss Diamond King 20th Anniversary #DKR-19 #'d 0806/1989

Fleer EX Wall of Fame Piece of County Stadium Wall

Fleer Final Cut Game Worn Jersey

Fleer Final Cut Game Worn Jersey 3 Color w/seam

Fleer Final Cut Game Worn Jersey w/seam all grey

Fleer Future Bats to the Future Bat card

Fleer Greats of the Game # 83

Norstan Walk of Fame commemorative card

Topps American Pie #71

Topps American Pie Woodstock Bat card BBWM-RY

Topps American Pie Profiles in Courage PIC-14

Topps Archives Reserve #86 Reprint of 1975 Card

Topps Finest Refractor Finest Moments #FM22

Upper Deck Cooperstown Collection Bat Card B-RY

Upper Deck Cooperstown Hall of Fame Collection #5

Upper Deck Pros and Prospects Dual Game Used Bat w/ Jeromy Burnitz #PL-BY

Upper Deck Decade #52

Upper Deck Legends #52

Upper Deck Legends Legendary Game Jerseys J-RY

Upper Deck SP Legendary Bat Card B-RY

Upper Deck SPx Winning Materials Dual Jersey w/ Jeromey Burnitz #JB-RY


Donruss Classics Legend #175 #'d 2/5

Donruss Classics Legend #175 #'d 1475/1500

Donruss Studio Classic Studio #CS-17

Fleer Box Score Hall of Fame Material

Fleer Box Score #287 #d 2084/2950

Fleer Classic Cuts Game Used Bat #B-RY

Fleer Fall Classic #63

Fleer Fall Classic October Legends Bat #

Fleer Fall Classic Rival Factions Yount Jersey w/Ozzie Smith #RF OS-RY

Fleer Fall Classics Rival Factions Yount Jersey w/Cal Ripken Jr. #RF CR-RY

Fleer Greats #66

Fleer Greats Through the Years Jersey

Topps Gallery Heritage #194

Topps Gold Label # ACR-RY Used Bat Class 1 Gold w/ hologram

Topps Record Breakers RB-RY

Topps Milestone Material #MIM-RY Jersey

Topps T-206 Blue Jersey #289

Topps T-206 Mini Polar Bear Back Pinstripe

Topps T-206 Mini Red Piedmont Back pinstripe

Topps T-206 Mini Black Piedmont Blue uniform

Topps T-206 Pinstripe #289

Topps Tribute Game Used Uniform #MIM-RY

Topps Tribute Matching Marks w/Dave Winfield #MM-WYO Dual Jersey

Upper Dech Sweet Spot Jersey J-RY

Upper Deck SP Authentic All Star Moment #157 #'d 93/999

Upper Deck Game Worn Jersey #G-RY

Upper Deck Piece of History #51

Upper Deck Piece of History #TM24 Tape Measure Heroes

Upper Deck Piece of History #M4 The MVP Club

Upper Deck Piece of History #TMRY Tape Measure Heroes Pants

Upper Deck SP Legendary Bat #B-Ryo

Upper Deck SP Legendary Cuts #64 PSA Graded 10

Upper Deck Sweet Spot All-Time Classics # 38

Upper Deck World Series Heroes #22

Upper Deck World Series Heroes Classic World Series Match Ups Game Used Jersey #MU-82


Donruss Champions #150

Donruss Classic Legendary Lumberjacks Bat card #'d 34/300

Donruss Studio Enshrinement E-8 #d 056/750

Fleer Fall Classic #8

Fleer Flair Greats #19

Fleer Rookies and Greats Through the Years w/Podsednik Jersey Bat TY-RY/SP #'d 50/360

Fleer Rookies and Greats Boyhood Idols Jersey BI-RY #d 261/615

Fleer Hardball Round Numbers Die cut round card #14 #'d 469/1000

Leaf Shirt Off My Back #'d 123/500

Leaf Limited Jersey Numbers Dual Jersey (19) #d 11/50 JN-40

MLB Showdown On Base 12 Cooperstown collection foil

National Baseball Hall of Fame Post Card

Topps All-Time Fan Favorites #91

Topps All-Time Fan Favorites #91 Refractor #d 146/299

Topps All-Time Fan Favorites Best seat in the House Seat Card w/molitor, fingers, BS4

Topps Retired Signature series (non autographed) #62 #'d 33/99 Black

Topps Tribute Team Tribute #'d 124/275 TTR-YM w/Paul Molitor Jersey Bat

Upper Deck Classic Portraits #198 #0192/1200

Upper Deck SP Legendary Cuts #106

Upper Deck SP Legendary Cuts #106 Blue #d 271/275

Upper Deck Sweet Spot Classic Patch Card #P-RY1

Upper Deck Sweet Spot Classic Jersey Card SJ-RY


Donnruss Classics Legendary Jerseys Dual Jersey (19) LJ-39 #'d 12/50

Donruss Classics Legendary Lumberjacks LB-39 #d 004/100

Donruss Diamond Kings #164 #'d 13/15

Donruss Diamond Kings #164 white framed

Donruss Diamond Kings #164 white framed Dual Relic Jersey bat #'d 030/100.

Donruss Diamond Kings Team Timelines TT-2 w/ Richie Weeks

Donruss Elite Round Numbers #'d 108/500 RN-19

Donruss Hall of Fame Heroes #50 #d 0180/1000

Donruss Leather and Lumber #78

Donruss Studio Heroes of the Hall Bat #HH-10 #'d 70/100

Donruss Throwback Threads Generations w/ Richie Weeks G-7 #d 0008/1500

Donruss World Series October Legends OL-16 #d 121/500

eTopps #49

Fleer Greats #99

Fleer Inscribed #81 #'d 726/1000

Leaf Certified Cuts #233 #'d 35/50

Leaf Limited Team Trademarks Dual Jersey 19 #d 070/100

Leaf Certified Materials Fabric of the Game #FG-100 #'d 15/100

Playoff Honors Prime Signatures (no sig) #ps29 # 0618/2500

Topps All Time Fan Favorites #28

Topps Clubhouse Bat #RY

Topps Series Stitches SSR-RY Jersey

Topps Tribute #28

Topps Tribute Jersey 3 color TP-RY #'d 16/50

Topps Series Seats SSSR-RY County stadium seat

Upper Deck Diamond ProSigs Collection Hall of Famers HF-21

Upper Deck Diamond ProSigs Collection Hall of Famers HF-21 Gold

Upper Deck Legends Timeless Teams #211

Upper Deck SP Legendary Cuts #101

Upper Deck SP Legendary Cuts Historic Swatches HS-RY Jersey (blue)

Upper Deck SP Legendary Cuts Ultimate Swatches US-RY 2 color

Upper Deck SP Legendary Cuts Significant Swatches Bat card #SS-RY

Upper Deck SP Legendary Cuts Legendary Swatches LSW-RY Light blue

Upper Deck Sweet Spot Jersey #d 35/50

Upper Deck Ultimate Collection #32 #'d 151/675

Upper Deck Ultimate Ultimate Achievements Dual Patch (82) #d 20/82 AJ-RY

Upper Deck Ultimate Collection Ultimate Game Patch GP-RY #'d 25/75


Donruss Diamond Kings HOF Heroes #HH-61

Donruss Diamond Kings HOF Heroes #HH-61 Dual Jersey Red #'d 06/50

Donruss Polo Grounds (Hit) #d 35/35

Donruss Polo Grounds (Strike) #d 47/50

Donruss Polo Grounds (Ball) #d21/45

Donruss Zenith #239

Donruss Zenith #239 Artist Proof

Donruss Lumber and Leather Studio Portraits SP-91 #'d 30/35

Dolnruss Diamond Kings Team Timelines Dual Jersey w/ overbay #d 089/100

Donruss Diamond Kings Studio Portraits SP-91 #d 48/60

Donruss Lumber and Leather Studio Portraits SP-91 #'d 01/25

Fleer America's National Pastime #74 #d091/150

Fleer Tradition Cooperstown Tribute Jersey CT-RY

Fleer Tradition Cooperstown Tribute #4 #d 0107/1999

Fleer Cooperstown Tribute #4 #d 1100/1999

Fleer Legends Classic Clippings #102 #078/999

Fleer Legends Classic Clippings #102 Final Edition

Leaf Cornerstones #C19 w/ Paul Molitor

Leaf Century Collection #119

Leaf Century Collection #119 Double Jersey #d 012/250

Playoff Absolute Memorabilia Tools of the Trade TT-173 #'d 29/250

Playoff Absolute Memorabilia Team Tandems w/ Molitor Quad Relic TT-11 #d09/50

Playoff Absolute Memorabilia Team Tandems w/ Molitor Quad Relic TT-11 #d083/125

Playoff Absolute Memorabilia Team Tandems w/Molitor TT-11 #'d 135/150

Playoff Absolute Memorabilia Absolute Heroes AH-28 #d 29/50

Topps Pristine #43 Sealed with Topps Hologram Sticker #421/549

Topps Pristine #43 Sealed with Topps Hologram Sticker #543/549

Topps Pristine #VP-RY Valuable Performances Bat Relic

Topps Retired #77

Topps Retired #77 Gold #d 149/500

Upper Deck All Star Classics Legendary All-Stars #96

Upper Deck Baseball Heroes #61

Upper Deck Baseball Heroes #61 Green Jersey #d 16/99

Upper Deck Baseball Heroes #62

Upper Deck Baseball Heroes #63

Upper Deck Baseball Heroes #64

Upper Deck Baseball Heroes #64 Auto Blue #d 16/20

Upper Deck Baseball Heroes #65

Upper Deck Baseball Heroes #63 Jersey #'d 44/99

Upper Deck Classics Star Retro Rookies #124

Upper Deck Classic Counterparts #cc-my dual jersey w/ Paul Molitor

Upper Deck MLB Artifacts Patches #RP-RY #d 27/50

Upper Deck MLB Artifacts MLB Apparel Jersey 2 color MLB-RY #d 73/99

Upper Deck Origins #101

Upper Deck Origins Old Judge #8/50 #120

Upper Deck Past Time Pennants #70

Upper Deck Portraits #51

Upper Deck Portraits #51 Jersey Card #'d 69/99

Upper Deck Reflections #152

Upper Deck Reflections #152 Legendary Reflections #'d 59/99

Upper Deck SP Authentic #82

Upper Deck SP Legendary Cuts #69

Upper Deck SP Legendary Cuts Glory Days GD-RY #d 382/399

Upper Deck Sweet Spot Classic Classic Materials #CM-RY Jersey

Upper Deck Hall of Fame Baseball #65 #'d 060/550

Upper Deck Hall of Fame Baseball #65 #'d 441/550

Upper Deck Ultimate Signature Edition #36 #'d 148/825

Upper Deck Ultimate Collection #32 #d 535/675


Donruss Team Heroes #176

Fleer Greats of the Game #76

Fleer Greats of the Game Decade Greats DEC RY Bat Relic

Topps Triple Threads Emerald #19 #'d 43/99

Upper Deck Epic Epic Materials Jersey #EM-RY2 #'d 113/145

Upper Deck SP Legendary Cuts #108 #'d 67/550

Upper Deck SP Legendary Cuts Baseball Chronology #'d 109/550

Upper Deck SP Legendary Cuts Baseball Chronology Jersey BC-RY

Upper Deck Ultimate Collection #219

Upper Deck SP Legendary Cuts Memorable Moments Jersey #'d 218/225


Milwaukee Brewers/Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Medallion

Topps Triple Threads Red #0674/1350

Topps Triple Threads Red #0939/1350

Upper Deck Sp Legendary Cuts #67

Upper Deck Legendary Materials Dual Jersey(cuts) #'d 104/125

Upper Deck Ud Premier Premier Penmanship Autograph #d 69/74

Upper Deck SP Legendary Cuts Baseball Chronology BC-RY

Upper Deck Sweet Spot Classic Memorabilia CM-YO Bat

Upper Deck Ultimate Star #SM-RY

Upper Deck Ultimate America's Pastime PM-RY Game Used Jersey #'d 16/25


Donruss Threads #29

Donruss Threads #29 Green Refractor #'d 155/250

Donruss Threads Jersey #29 #'d 406/500 (Grey)

Donruss Threads Jersey #29 #'d 340/500 (Dark Blue)

Donruss Threads Century Stars Regular Issue #CS-13

Donruss Threads Century Stars Jersey #CS-13 #d 098/100 (Gray Jersey)

Donruss Threads Century Stars Jersey #CS-13 #d 060/100 (Blue Jersey)

Donruss Threads Century Stars Jersey #CS-13 #d 072/100 (Blue Jersey)

Donruss Threads Century Stars Refactor #CS-13 #d 013/100

Playoff Prime Cuts Triple Jersey MVP #22 #d 13/15

Playoff Prime Cuts Icons Quad Jersey (ICON) #22 #d 7/9

Playoff Prime Cuts Dual Jersey #79 #d9/19

Playoff Contenders Legendary Rookies Platinum #5 #d 099/100

Playoff Contenders Legendary Rookies Gold #5 #'d 208/250

Playoff Contenders Legendary Rookies #5 #'d 0439/1500

Topps Triple Threads #'d 706/1350

Topps Triple Threads Bronze #'d 141/525

Topps Triple Threads Bronze #'d 489/525

Topps Triple Threads Emerald #'d 235/240

Topps Triple Threads Gold #58/99

Topps Triple Threads Gold #10/99

Topps Triple Threads #138 Plat #d 01/30

Topps Triple Threads #TTR-218 251 HRS 6 Piece Memorabilia #'d 11/27

Topps Sterling #217 #d 024/250

Topps Sterling #218 RY2 #d 025/250, 103/250

Topps Sterling #219 #d 203/250

Topps Sterling #220 #d 097/250

Topps Sterling #221 #d 120/250

Topps Sterling #222 RY6 #d 226/250

Topps Sterling #223 RY7 #d 068/250

Topps Sterling #226 RY 10 #d 097/250

Topps Sterling Suede #227 #'d 25/50

Topps Sterling #227 RY 11 #d 203/250, 176/250

Topps Sterling #RY-88 4CSA-126 Auto/Quad Relic #d 8/10 4730career total bases

Topps Sterling #RY61 4SMA-146 Auto/Quad Relic #/d 1/10

Topps Sterling #RY31 4SSA-139 Auto/Quad Relic 83AS #d 4/10

Tristar Signa Cuts #d14/150

Upper Deck Baseball Heroes #99 (Base card)

Upper Deck Baseball Heroes #99 Jersey #'d 127/200 Light Blue

Upper Deck Baseball Heroes #99 Jersey #'d 054/125 Grey w/ Gray Jersey

Upper Deck Baseball Heroes #99 Charcoal

Upper Deck Baseball Heroes #99 #d 121/299

upper Deck Baseball Heroes #99 Brown #'d 061/149

Upper Deck Baseball Heroes #99 Beige #191/299

Upper Deck Baseball Heroes #99 Red card #d 064/249

Upper Deck Baseball Heroes #99 Sea Green #d 39/99

Upper Deck Baseball Heroes #99 Red Auto/Jersey #d 18/25

Upper Deck SP Legendary Cuts #171 #'d 094/550

Upper Deck SP Legendary Cuts Generations Memorabilia Dual Jersey w/JJ Hardy GEN-YH

Upper Deck SP Legendary Cuts Generations Memorabilia Dual Jersey w/ Derek Jeter GEN-YJ

Upper Deck SP Legendary Cuts Legendary Memorabilia Bat #'d 17/75 LM-RY

Upper Deck SP Legendary Cuts Legendary Memorabilia Bat #'d 83/99

Upper Deck SP Legendary Cuts Legendary Memorabilia Bat #'d 08/25 Blue

Upper Deck SP Legendary Cuts Legendary Memorabilia Bat #'d 33/35 Red

Upper Deck Goudey #214 Black back

Upper Deck Goudey #214 Mini Blue Back

Upper Deck Goudey #214 Mini Red Back

Upper Deck Ball Park Collection Quad Jersey w/Weeks, Hardy, Fielder #204

Upper Deck Masterpieces #46

Upper Deck Masterpieces #46 Black framed

Upper Deck Masterpieces #46 Bronze Ore (dark blue) Border #'d 012/125

Upper Deck Masterpieces #45 Hades Parallel (blue) #'d 21/50

Upper Deck Masterpieces #45 Ionized Parallel (brown) #'d 47/100

Upper Deck Premier Premier Swatches Triple jersey with seams #d 20/20

Upper Deck Masterpieces #45 Red Border

Upper Deck Premier Premier Combos Dual Jersey w/ tony Gwynn #d 05/50


Goudey 4 in 1 #35-29 Black #d 12/21

Goudey Mini Black #214 #'d 06/21

Goudey 4 in 1 #35-23 Green Border

Goudey 4 in 1 #35-23 Blue Border w/Braun Fielder Gallardo

Goudey 4 in 1 #35-23 Red Border w/ Braun Fielder Gallardo

Goudey #214 regular issue SP

Goudey #GM-RY Jersey

Topps Legends of the Game LG-RY

Topps Legends of the Game LG-RY Gold #28/99

Topps #595 parallel variant

Topps Historical Commemorative Patch LPR-84 Patch card

Topps Historical Commemorative Patch LPR-142 Patch card (1980 All Star)

Topps Sterling #72 #d 074/250

Topps Tribute #56

Topps Tribute #56 Blue Parallel #d 141/219

UD SP Legendary Cuts #135 #d 228/550

UD SP Legendary Cuts Generations Memorabilia Dual Jersey w/JJ Hardy

UD SP Legendary Cuts Legendary Memorabilia LM-RY #d 05/75

UD SP Legendary Cuts Legendary Memorabilia LM-RY #d 026/100

UD SP Legendary Cuts Generations Memorabilia GM-RY w. Ryan Braun

UD SP Legendary Cuts Legendary Memorabilia LM-RY2 #d 085/125

Upper Deck 20th Anniversary Retrospective #1296

Upper Deck 20th Anniversary Retrospective #1297

Upper Deck 20th Anniversary Retrospective #1298

Upper Deck 20th Anniversary Retrospective #1299


2010 Topps Bat Barrel Black #09/25 MBB-156

2010 Topps Bat Barrel #d 09/25 MBB-156

2010 Topps Hat Patch #68/99 MHR-94

2010 Topps Finest Logoman Patch #d16/50 LM-45

2010 Topps Series 2 4th of July Hat Patch #35/99 MHR-379

2010 Topps National Chicle Bazooka Back #210

2010 Topps National Chicle NC Back #210

2010 Topps National Chicle Basic Back #210

2010 Topps Turkey Red Insert #TR145

2010 Topps Tribute TTR-RY Triple Bat card #d 47/50

2010 Topps Sterling #52 #d 170/250

2010 Topps Variation #116

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

A new Yount for the Supercollection.

Is it terrible I've given my Yount collection a name?  The Awesomest Robin Yount Supercollection in the Universe(or at least Alaska) que Queen with Flash Gordon soundtrack.

I don't know if I can really call it a super collection though.  I don't own any 1/1's but that's because I'm cheap.  I had been waiting to pick up a nice 2010 Tribute relic waiting till the prices went down.
And I gots me a nice one.  A nice triple bat relic #d 47/50.

I also finally picked up his base Sterling card, but haven't gotten it yet.  The last batch of /250 Sterling cards went for close to 15 bucks which I thought was crazy.  I probably should wait till next year to try and pick anything else up.  I can get his 2008 Sterling base cards for about $2.50 each right now and the lower numbered parallels are also getting much cheaper.

Right now my Yount binder and monster box is packed pretty tight and I'm going to have to do some major reorganizing and go through the collection to make sure I've got everything all logged and then hopefully post the list here so if anyone has any Younts I don't have we can work out a trade.  Unfortunately I have a ton of Yount. I think last time I looked at my Spreadsheet counter I was up around 2600.  That's total Younts and includes a lot of 500 1990 Topps I bought years ago for about a penny a piece.  I pretty sure I'm up around 500 individual unique Younts.  Yount still has a pretty big following if bidding on Ebay is any indication but not as big as say Griffey, Ripken, or Pujols.

And since I've slowed down on picking up new Younts it seems I've taken up that slack with picking up more Rollie Fingers.  That collection is coming along really nice, though I'm bummed I missed another 2010 Sterling book the other day.  It was a nice one too.

Well keep up the good work my friends
cb out.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

1991 Star Millenium Promo

I picked this up on the Bay a few weeks ago.
It's touted as being one of 200 produced.  Here the back of the card even says so.

It's funny I keep finding new and interesting Star cards.  The very frustrating part is there is so little out there on their products.  Even the bible the Baseball Card Catalog is incomplete.  Does anyone know a good source of information on the Star company and the products they put out?  I know their Basketball sets were highly counterfieted for the Jordan rookies and to be honest this card doesn't seem like it would be too hard to reproduce.  Any help would be great.

cb out

Friday, November 26, 2010

2010 Yount Pick ups.

I've been on a bit of spending spree.  The last year there were lots of higher end cards of Mr. Yount that came out and were on the market.  I got a little impatient seening as my Yount collection hasn't really been expanding much this year.

The first few pick ups I've already posted but I'll put them up again all in a row.
Series 1 Manupatch Hat old style.  Still looking for my baseball mitt logo, and I haven't seen one in a while.

Manu Bat Barrel #d to 99.  Dispite what everybody says I really like these cards.

Manu Bat Barrel Black #d to 25 slightly damaged.  Notice the little nick on the right hand side.  Still a nice card.
There is the super rare 1/1 pink bat card still out there but I doubt I'd be able to afford it.

Topps National Chicle had a yount card with back Variations.  I've got the regular and NC backs and I'm looking at a Bazooka Back that I might have to pull the trigger on.  There's also the umbrella back but I haven't seen one up on ebay so I don't know if I'm going to be able to find it.

There's also the Series 1 Topps Variation card #116.  Yount also had one in last years set.

The Series 2, 4th of July Manu Hat patck #d 35/99 fresh from the mail.

Another pick up was the 2010 Finest Logoman patch card #d 16/50, finally!
2010 Topps Update also had this Yount in the Turkey Red insert set.  Fitting after Thanksgiving.

cb out.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Another Yount Bat Barrel

This time it's a black bat barrel #d to 25. 
I like the look of the black bat barrels with the silver writting on the bat it offers great contrast, much better than the regular ones.

Sunday, October 31, 2010

2010 Topps Update Yount Bat Barrel

The second of my higher end Yount cards from this year.  This is the 2010 Topps Update Bat Barrel card #d to 99.

There's been some argument going around the bolg-o-sphere about these cards.  I for one really like them.  They have a great look and are incredibly stout.  They don't even fit in the 180 point holders or screwdowns.
Topps doesn't disguise that these are manufactured items and it is something different.

Friday, October 29, 2010

finally something new

It's been awhile since I added to the Ultimate Yount Collectionnnnnn (echo fade).

But I finally scratched one off the 2010 want list.

I really love the looks of these hat patch cards.  Yes there manufactured nongame used but they still look awesome.  I've had a few I hit opening Topps Products this year a really nice Tony Gwynn and someone else I can't remember, long gone but I've been wanting to get my hands on the Younts.

He has 2 hat cards from series 1, The one pictured above and a "glove" patch card as well, I'm still looking for. 

Also in Update he's got bat barrel cards, the regular and black I have already procured and will be up here when I get them in. 

Also I'm in the works of putting up a list of my collection.  Cards I HAVE which will be much easier than listing cards I need.  Seeing as I'll never have a complete checklist.  That way if you want to trade and you have a card I don't have it'll be easy to tell.

Everybody have a great safe Halloween. cb out.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Stuff from the closet.

It's been awhile since I posted here.  I really haven't been adding to the collection in a while.  There just isn't that much stuff out there and Mr. Yount seems to be going through a renaissance and prices are up so it's hard to find anything affordable that's a premium.  So I've dipped into the closets to pull out some goodies.

First  we have my 3000 hit certificate.  Nope I wasn't there.  I was in class at the time, but I got this off of ebay for cheap.  I've seen ones with a full unused ticket go for big bucks but this is a nice keep sake.  I remember all the Wisconsin papers had Yount on the front page and front of the sports section the next day.

In the 80's Topps was experiementing with some retro ideas.  Here we see the 1988 and 1989 Topps Coins.

I think I have a 1990 coin somewhere too but I couldn't find it for the post.
I remember buying a few packs of these back in the day but never getting anybody really good.

Stay tuned as I pull more Younts from the Closet.

Monday, August 2, 2010

So Sorry

Sorry it's been awhile that I've made a yount post.  to be honest with moving and the new job I haven't been hitting my player collections as hard.  Well at least the Younts.  There are some new stuff out there with Tribute coming out but it seems that Mr. Younts popularity is increasing and thus prices for his cards are not as cheap as they once were.  And if I am anything its a opportunity collector and that means cheap.  So rest assured when i get back from my latest field trip I'll put something nice up here.  Until then enjoy the rants at 13 Tenets.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Some new additions

This is actually a Yo Momma Original Back, I have the regular one too.
Next I got 2 of the Chicle cards

Well it's been forever since I posted here and I've gotten a few new Younts to add to my collection.
Besides moving and getting engaged I've got a month and a half in Fairbanks to look forward too away from my sweetie and I'm not sure if I'm going to have time to post anything till mid July so  I figure I'd post it all here.

First and happily Robin has quite a few new cards this year with Topps.
The first card I got is this one.

Both the NC and regular backs.  Still waiting to get a Bazooka back and a Topps Back.

I also got the2009 Sterling White Suede card

And lastly I also got my 2010 Series 1 #116 variation

That's it for now.  I see that Robin also has a new hat patch card in Series 2 and another Yo Momma card.
until later.

Friday, April 23, 2010

2009 Sterling Suede

Well I was looking at my dashboard on blogger here and realize it's been well over a month since I posted anything about my Yount collection.   And it's to be expected I've moved since my last post.  And this is the first thing I've added to the collection in months.  It's been a slow Yount year.  I finally got my base Yo momma card.  I figured I would have gotten  one in all the topps I ripped but no.  So I've still got the Yo momma original back and his two hat patch cards and the variant to pick up but i'm patient. 

Anywho here I gots my Topps Sterling White Suede parallel numbered to 50.  Until next time.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Shameless plug for JD's Wildcarz Olympic Contest

I'm shameless yep and the rest of you are too. But I'll take 3 extra entries into any contest when they're this easy. JD's dad over at JD's Wildcardz is having an olymipic contest. There are still a ton of spots left so go over there follow the link and you may want to check the current list of available numbers. Sounds like there will be lots of kewl swag.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Some new stuff to add to the old Collection from Checkout my Cards!!

I ended up posting my whole experience over at Collector's Crack but here is what I got for the Yount collection. 

I've been helping update images at Trading Card Database which is a great resource for player collectors and set collectors alike.  By no means complete, they are always adding to the site and contributing images of cards is very much apprciated and incouraged. 

I like the interface at Checkout my Cards.  It's easy to search for a player and year.  It makes looking to see if they have what you want and makes window shopping easy too. 
The first card I got was a 1993 Upper Deck Fun Packs Glow Stars sticker.

I already had the regular issue but still couldn't find this insert anywhere till now.
Next we have a 1993 Pacific Spanish.

Again another relatively cheap card just hard to find.
And finally we have a 1991 Score 100 Superstar.

I find it interesting that these Score 100 cards are so cheap seeing as you could only get them in the 100 count blister packs and they came only one per pack.    My grand total for all three cards was .90 cents.  plus shipping which with COMC can get a little pricy when buying lots of cheap cards.

I'll be posting the Rollie Fingers cards I picked up in detail over at the Rollie Fingers Collector.
Until next time

Saturday, January 23, 2010

2009 Topps Tribute Blue!!!!!

Well here are the last of the Younts from 2009.  Since I think Topps Tribute was the last baseball product of last year.  Anywho, it's nice to see old Robin in the set again. 
And the first of the parallels to my collction is this one.

It's the blue parallel numbered to 219.  Why 219? Who know's it's Topps.  I haven't even gotten the base card yet. But I will.  The card is absolutely beautiful.  But I'm not shelling out 50 bucks a pack so I'm going ebay for these.  I got this for minimum of 99 cents so that's nice.  Now all I have to get is the base, the black #'d to 99, the gold #50 and maybe if i'm super lucky I'll snag a printing plate.  I've already seen the red 1/1 and one of the printing plates go on ebay, both for about a hundred bucks.  Way to spendy for my frugal self. 
Here's what the back looks like.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

New Addition

Just got some mail in today which is surprising because the weather is shitty and most of the mail comes in by plane.  But had a nice surprise in it. 

Why it's a 2003 Leaf Limited Jersey Numbers Dual.  Numbered to 50!! Nice
It's not a real dual relic though it's just one large piece over the 19 but it still looks nice. 
And for kripes sake go get some Robinade to drink I hear it's delicious.

1981 Topps Baseball Scratch-Offs.

In the 80's Topps was experiementing with different concepts and card sizes.  Probably to keep ahead of the new upstarts Fleer and Donruss.

Anyways here is a product, pre video games now, that was all about ruining the card.  Packs came with 18 cards. 9 National League and 9 American League, I'm assuming 6 panels total and a stick of gum.  You were suppose to separte the cards and put together a 9 person team and your opponent does the same.  Put them in order there is a little box on the back from batting line up.  Scratch off one circle per player until you get 3 outs.  The middle card has a scoreboard on it too.  Cards measure 5 1/4 inches x 3 1/4.  There were 108 different players depicted, but 144 player card combinations.

Mr. Yount has 4 different combos.

Robin s always the top panel on all the variations.  A complete set of panels is 144.  It's a neat oddball collectiable that is still really cheap.   I picked up a whole set of these for under 5 bucks a few years ago.  What's amazing is the price variations on ebay.  You can buy a pack for a buck, and some lots have 10 packs for 10 bucks, or a wrapper for 7 bucks??  mmmm someone needs to do some homework.  According to the Standard Catalog of Baseball cards  a complete set 108 cards is about 10 bucks with a wax  box going for 15.  The most valuable card is the Pete Rose worth about 2 bucks.  Panels are worth more than individual cards and of course nonscratched.  There are a lot of nice stars and semistars to be found in this cheap set and it's easy to find individual and panels unscratched all over ebay.  So if you collect a player who was playing in 81 there is a good chance he's in here.
Until next time.