Monday, December 8, 2014

2014 Topps Future Stars that Never Where insert

Card Manufacturer: Topps
Card Set: Topps Baseball Series 2
Year: 2014
Card Number: FS-4
Card Type: Insert
Insert Set: Future Stars that Never Where

While I didn't have as crazy a Black Friday as some people by the posts and comments out there I did have a very successful one for me.  Picking up 20 new Younts for the collection was quite a boon.

And picking up most of the 2014 Topps inserts was even better. These Future Stars that Never Where seem like they were a hard pull, as I never pulled one out of Series 2 and they didn't come up on ebay all that often.  But being able to pick this guy up for less than I would have paid for shipping had I bought it off of ebay made my day.  

These cards are thicker than I would have thought, but that's not a bad thing, other than I had to track down a top loader to fit it.  

Supposedly there are also gold parallels numbered to 99 and Robin also has an autographed and relic version in this set, but oddly not the auto relic.

And yes we get another Rookie card reprint.  I think Topps must have a deal with Robin that they have to issue at least one rookie card reprint a year for him.

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