Thursday, May 27, 2010

Some new additions

This is actually a Yo Momma Original Back, I have the regular one too.
Next I got 2 of the Chicle cards

Well it's been forever since I posted here and I've gotten a few new Younts to add to my collection.
Besides moving and getting engaged I've got a month and a half in Fairbanks to look forward too away from my sweetie and I'm not sure if I'm going to have time to post anything till mid July so  I figure I'd post it all here.

First and happily Robin has quite a few new cards this year with Topps.
The first card I got is this one.

Both the NC and regular backs.  Still waiting to get a Bazooka back and a Topps Back.

I also got the2009 Sterling White Suede card

And lastly I also got my 2010 Series 1 #116 variation

That's it for now.  I see that Robin also has a new hat patch card in Series 2 and another Yo Momma card.
until later.