Friday, December 5, 2014

2010 Panini Century Collection Souvenir Stamps Relic

Card Manufacturer: Panini
Card Set: Century Collection
Year: 2010
Card Number: 27
Card Type: Insert
Insert Set: Souvenir Stamps
Card Attributes: Relic, Stamp, Serial numbered
Serial Number: 44/50
Note: Inserted stamp is an 1939 Baseball Centennial Commemorative

I just got my COMC Black Friday package in the mail.  I've been working on their challenges and saving up my store credit as I've been earning it.  Over all I ended up getting 26 new cards and 20 of those were new Yount cards for the collection.  Now the count on my master spreadsheet tells me I have 1006 unique items in the collection.  I'm really happy about that, as it was one of my collecting goals this year.  As I neared the mark I know that my annual Black Friday shopping spree on COMC was going to push me over the top.

So I'll be showcasing all 20 new cards in the coming months.  I got a nice smattering of new and old, parallels, base cards, inserts and even a few relics.

I figure I'd feature my favorite pick up.  I didn't even buy this on Black Friday.  I ended up seeing this on the site and it was such a good deal I had to pick it up. It was by far the most expensive of the cards I bought in my haul, but it only cost me about $6.  I've been looking for cards from this set since it came out, but I always kept getting outbid and eventually other sets and cards pulled me away.  Robin even has a base card in this set that I haven't found yet. 

I find it funny that Panini got around the use of logos by using Robin's high school photo.  Yeah that's an old photo of a very young Robin Yount.  The T on the hat stand for William Howard Taft High School in Woodland Hills, California.

I really like the overall look of the card.  I do find the placement of the relic right on Robin's chest a little disturbing, but over all not a bad looking card.  The 1939 Baseball Centennial Stamp is great too.  I have one other baseball card that has that stamp embedded in it and I think it works great.  The stamp itself isn't that rare with a printing of about 81 million stamps.  Even being 75 years old the stamp is only worth a couple bucks, but it is uncancelled and the card is numbered to just 50!

Robin also has a couple more cards in various inserts sets with memorabilia and autographs.


  1. Congratulations on getting over the 1000 mark! And that is a great card too. Is that his high school logo on his hat?

    1. Thanks Tony, and yeah I remember some conversation about it back when these came out.