Monday, July 16, 2012

Something old and something new.

It's been awhile since I last posted. Been really busy with work and life in general, but not too busy to pick up a few Younts when the opportunity arises.  First I'll start off with an older oddball I picked up for super cheap.

Baseball card games have been around forever, but I had never seen this card or this game before.

And while it doesn't feature a picture of Robin it's still a cool oddball to add to the collection.

Next we have a couple of 2012 issues I finally managed to get my hands on.
It's Robin's 2012 Topps Archive cloth sticker.  Paying homage to the old 1977 issue which Yount was also featured in.

And finally.

I think this is the newest release right now and I'm glad to finally snag it. It's Robin's 2012 Topps Retire Numbers Manupatch card.  These are found as a bonus in retail blaster boxes. And while not a huge fan of the manufactured "relics" I really do like the looks of this card and the set in general.

And there you go. Three more for the super collection.