Friday, April 22, 2011

Finally a new Yount to add to my collection.

Well 2011 Tribute is out and not only does Mr. Yount have a base card this year again, he has quite a few relics.  I had been biding my time and finally got the lowest rung of the Tribute base cards, the base card.  I've been looking and waiting for the frenzy to quiet down, hopefully when Gypsy Queen hits next week it'll take the focus off Younts Tribute cards, although he does make an appearance in that issue as well.

I will be actively persuing all the parallels, but I've decided to concentrate on Rollie Fingers first.  And since Ryan Braun just signed a 5 year gazillion dollar extension with the Brewers, effectively making him a Brewer till 2020, I've decided to officially add him to my Player Collections.  Yes I already collected Braun with team sets and cheap relic pick ups ect, but now it's official and will be put in the side bar of Collector's Crack!!!

cb out.