Tuesday, December 2, 2014

1977 Pepsi Disc and Glove

Card Manufacturer: MSA
Card Set; Pepsi Disc
Set Type: Food Issue (Giveaway)
Year: 1977
Card Number: 1
Card Type: Base Disc
Note: Full Intact Glove

I know it seems like every time I put a post up I have a new favorite card.  But truly if you were to ask me what was my favorite oddball Yount card this would probably be it.

Robin has a bunch of 1977 MSA discs in various sets, but the Pepsi Disc/Glove just stands out.  Just a great all around oddball and I'm not sure, but I think this might have been the only baseball disc set that was featured and distributed this way.  Pepsi also released a football set like this.

Believe it or not but these full gloves aren't that hard to find still intact and that's nice to see.  Of course it's not hard to just find the disc either.  It's also great that each glove has the full checklist printed right on there.

This disc also stands out by having the Pepsi-Cola Collection printed across the top instead of the standard 4 stars that adorn a lot of sets.  

I ended up picking up a full set of these a while back for a decent price and they are a bitch to store and display. I should point out for the completists that Reggie Jackson and Mike Schmidt both have 4 color variations in the set.

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