Monday, January 28, 2013

2013 Allen and Ginter Yount card!

Just a heads up for any Yountophiles like myself. I was looking through the 2013 Topps' Allen and Ginter checklist and noticed that Mr. Yount will be featured on his own relic card in the set.  At least tentatively.  I'm not sure if he's just in one of the mini framed retired stars or will have a regular sized one as well like in last years Gypsy Queen.  

Here's the mock up of what the retired framed mini's will look like.

I didn't see him on the regular checklist though and that's disappointing.  It would be nice to get Robin on at least one base A&G card one of these days.

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Cooperstown Collection

Been slow in the new Yount catagory most of the year. But Panini's Cooperstown Collection had quite a few Younts or at least Yount featured cards.  Robin has a base card in the set and that set also has a Crystal parallel numbered to just 299.

I was finally able to find a nice cheap copy of the crystal parallel and luckily it came with the base as well.
The scan really doens't do the crystal parallel justice.  It looks like the cracked ice parallels Topps put out this year. The numbering is on the front if you can make it out on the right hand side there.  Panini did a lot of close cropping in the set so it didn't have to airbrush hats or uniforms.

Here's the back. It's the same for both cards.

The set also feature a few other inserts that Robin has a card for.  I haven't gotten my hands on any of those and there is also a Autographed card #d to 100 to find as well.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Eating on the Yount

Sorry for the lag in posts.  When I dug out the can's and cups for my last post I also found a few other things I had kinda forgot I had.  One of those things was this great 1983 McDonalds Milwaukee Brewers Placemat.  These were offered in restaurants around Wisconsin in 1983 after the Brewers 1982 American League Championship and only World Series appearance to help support the Ronald McDonald House.  There are at least 6 placemats in the set.  When I won the Yount placemat the seller was nice enough to throw in a second one for free.

Here is the checklist
Cooper/ Vuckovick

Here's what the back looks like

The bonus one was the Cooper/Vuk placemat.

Sorry about the bad scanning.  The placemats measure about 11x17 and I have a large format scanner, but these are just a little bigger than it can handle.  A really cool odd ball and I've been toying with picking up the full set.  Or at least the Rollie one for the Rollie Fingers collection.