Monday, December 15, 2014

1990 Collect-A-Books

Card Manfacturer: Collect-A-Books
Card Set: Collect-A-Books Series A
Year: 1990
Card Number: 9
Set Type: Box

If you collected cards back in 1990 or collect a player who played chances are you have one of these in you collection.  Collect-A-Books was one of those oddballs that came from that great time.  Packaged in a box set that was pretty popular at the time, you got 12 books per box and there were three boxes to collect. For a total of 36 cards in the set that featured all the popular players of the day. The boxes are labeled as Series 1, but I'm pretty sure they never put out a Series 2.  Collect-A-Books also paired with ProSet and NBA Hoops to produce a Football and Basketball set.  These are still really cheap and easy to find. You can find full boxes for a couple bucks. 

A neat little oddball.

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