Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Robin Yount Making an Appearance at Wizard World Madison April 9th

I just happened upon this tidbit. Robin Yount is going to be appearing, or at least is slated to be at the Madison, Wisconsin -  Wizard World Comic Con Saturday April 9th.  After looking at the autograph ticket prices though yikes!  But if you have a hankering to get something really special signed here you go.  I did notice that you can't purchase autograph tickets for Robin yet though.

After a little digging I also found out where you can go to get Robin to appear at your event, or at least try to get him to appear at your event.  I didn't bother trying to find out appearance fees.  If you're interested you can check that all out here at Athlete Promotions. 

And I haven't heard either way, but Robin usually shows up at the Brewers Spring Training too.  After all that's where I got this.

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