Thursday, February 4, 2016

2016 Topps Series 1 Robin Yount Checklist and Gallery

I've already posted this checklist and added it to the new 2016 checklist tab, but this will serve as the image gallery page as well.  Robin has 6 cards in Series 1, some are pretty common inserts.  Others are a little rarer.

Topps Series 1 Back 2 Back #B2B-8 Paul Molitor - Robin Yount
Topps Series 1 Berger's Best #BB-26
Topps Series 1 Berger's Best Autographs #BBA-RY  #/25
Topps Series 1 Berger's Best Autograph Relics #BBAR-RY #/10
Topps Series 1 Scouting Report Autographs #SRA-RY
Topps Series 1 Team Logo Pin Relic #TLP-RY


  1. The "Back to Back" insert looks like there were problems in the printing process rather than being part of the design. That middle section is just awful looking!

    Let me know when you chase down that 1974 Topps rookie of Yount. :-)

    1. Yeah it's definitely my least favorite insert in the set, but we both know we're going to be adding one to the collection. :)