Tuesday, February 9, 2016

1990 Brewers Pocket Schedule

What: Trifold Pocket Schedule w Car-X ad.

I ended up picking up a few more items for the collection from wfbookman's lasts big Yount auction from eBay.  First among those is this great 1990 tri-fold pocket schedule featuring the 1989 AL MVP.  Also featuring an ad for Car-X and a nice seating chart for the old County Stadium.  And if you want to know who the Brewers played and when in 1990 here you go.  

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  1. I've got the same schedule, but with Miller High Life as the sponsor.

    As I recall, basically there will be as many variations of this schedule with sponsors being changed out as there were sponsors. Everything from Ariens lawn mowers to Miller to Car-X to WCGV-TV to the local Ace Hardware store had their own imprints of these schedules. So, guess what...more to chase!