Wednesday, February 24, 2016

2008 Tri Star Signa Cuts

Year: 2008
Manufacturer: Tristar
Card Set: Signa Cuts
Card Number: NNO
Card Attributes: Autograph, Serial Numbered
Serial Number: 014/150

This card is by far the ugliest Robin Yount autograph card I have in my collection.  You might know Tristar from it's repacks, it's website, where you can buy autographed memorablia, or it's collector's shows.  For a few years Tristar also put out it's own series of cards.

The back is generic, but at least the front has the player name.  Of course to get around all sorts of legal stuff, you get no mention of team or even a player photo.  The card is serial numbered, but damn it's ugly.  I think this card actually looks worse in hand.  The large sticker autograph sticks out like a sore thumb in the large white field.

But this card was cheap in terms of certified Robin Yount autographs and in the end it's still a Robin Yount card.

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