Saturday, February 13, 2016

1992 Sentry SGA Robin Yount 3000th Hit Commemorative Card Set - 1000th Hit card

Year: 1992
Set: Sentry Foods Robin Yount Commemorate 3000th Hit SGA
Card Number: NNO - 1000th Hit

The next card in this great stadium giveaway is Robin's 1000th Hit card.  The hit came in August, 1980.  I little over 6 years from his first and Robin would add an additional 1000 hits just about every 6 years after that too.  For a stadium giveaway the set and the cards are very well done.  I think the backs could have been given a little more attention, but the write up on the back is great and the overall layout on the front is very appealing. I also like the photo selection for the cards.  In the first card we get a classic 1970's Yount and here we get that classic early 80's baby blue uniform and with Robin base running with a well used batting helmet.