Monday, February 15, 2016

1992 Sentry SGA Robin Yount Commemorative 3000th Hit card set - 3000th Hit card

Year: 1992
Set: Sentry Foods Robin Yount Commemorative 3000th Hit SGA
Card Number: NNO - 3000th Hit

Here we are at the end of the road for this great set.  The final card in the commemorative set obviously celebrates the great milestone and the Hall of Fame entry ticket.  As a matter of fact every member of the 3000th Hit club is in the Hall of Fame with the exception of 4.  Pete Rose, because he's ineligible, Raphael Palmeiro, probably because of his alleged PED use, Derek Jeter, because he's not eligible yet, and we all know Jeter will be a first ballot guy, and Alex Rodriguez because he's still playing and may not get in due to PED use.

Robin had tons of other accomplishments that garner his admission into the Hall, but being part of the 3000th hit club is like no other, well maybe the 700 HR club.  Robin wouldn't stop at 3000 either he'd go on to add 142 more before calling it quits.  And his milestone came almost exactly 6 years from reaching 2000.  Robin became the 3rd youngest player to reach the milestone and still is, but Jeter made it to #4 back in 2011.

Over all it's a great 4 card set.  Great design, great photos, nice information on the back.  And they're not that rare.  20,000 were given out on Sept. 25, 1992 which back in the 90's made it rare, today not so much.  The Standard Catalog prices the set, at least back in 2011 at about $15, but I would suspect you can find this set for closer to $5 or cheaper.  Well worth adding to a Yount card collection.

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