Friday, February 12, 2016

1992 Sentry SGA Commemorative Card Set - First Hit card

Year: 1992
Set: Sentry Foods Robin Yount 3000th Hit Commemorative SGA Set
Card Number: NNO - First Hit

Sentry Foods and the Brewers have a long history of sponsored giveaways in the 90's.  There are quite a few stadium giveaways or SGA's from that time that Robin has cards in.  I'm slowly working on getting those sets in the Trading Card Database, but I just recently added my favorite set of the bunch, the one that features only him and celebrates his 3000th hit.  

According to the Standard Catalog these were given out to the first 20,000 through the gate on September 25th, 1992.  Just over two weeks from when Robin got his 3000th hit.  There are 4 cards to the set.  They came in a little envelope, I have scans of it below.  None of the cards are numbered instead each card celebrates a milestone on the road to Robin's 3000th hit.  The first card in the series celebrates Robin's first hit in April of 1974.  I was almost a year old.  

Robin would also go on to get his first career home run in that game.  

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