Sunday, February 14, 2016

1992 Sentry SGA Robin Yount Comememorative 3000th Hit Card Set - 2000th Hit card

Year: 1992
Set: Sentry Foods Robin Yount Commemorative 3000th Hit SGA
Card Number: NNO - 2000th Hit

Happy Valentines Day!

The third card from this four card set celebrates of course the next milestone in Robin's chase for 3000 hits, his 2000th hit.  Which happened just over 6 years from him reaching 1000 hits and just over 12 years from his first hit.  He would also become the first Brewer in the young franchises history to record that mark.   

Again I love the photo selection for this card.  A crisp photo of Robin in full swing and Brewer's pinstripes.

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