Friday, February 5, 2016

1992 3000th Hit certificate and used ticket stub.

Year: 1992
What: Robin Yount's 3000th Hit I was there certificate and used ticket stub.

No I wasn't at the game.  I picked this up years ago for a really good price.  I look around now and people want all sorts of crazy money for these certificates.  I also like that it came with a used ticket stub.  Under the ticket it actually says put your stub here.

It's a cool memento, I wonder how these were distributed, if you had to come back or if the Brewers already had these printed up for multiple days, I mean I'm sure you could ballpark when it was going to happen, but nothing's given for an achievement like this.  You also get some nice facsimile autos for Robin and Bud Selig.  

I've read that these were sold after the event as well and some even have phantom unused tickets.  I can't be sure, but I like believe this was one given out after the game, I mean that's a used ticket right there.  And wow a whole $7 dollars.  Those were the tickets I use to buy on the rare occasions when I was in college and got to go to a game.

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  1. Yeah, I got my version of this pretty inexpensively as well.

    I remember going to games in the early 1980s and sitting in the bleachers for like $1.50 or $2. I'm officially old.