Friday, May 14, 2021

2002 Keebler Arizona Diamondbacks Coaches Card

Year: 2002
Manufacture: M.O.S.T. (Keebler)
Set: Keebler Arizona Diamondbacks Team Set
Card Number: 28

According to the Trading Card Database Robin Yount currently has 7125 cards give or take a few.  Out of all those cards, except for a few oddball Teague League Charity softball cards there are only two cards that do not feature Robin as a Brewer.  And I was finally able to snag one.  Not only that I was able to snag one really cheap.  These sets, as well as other team sets, where sponsored by Keebler Cookies and given out as an SGA.  According to the Standard Catalog this set was given out on July 28th.  You may recognize a few other coaches on the card, but Robin is by far the most notable.


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  1. Thats too funny. I just got that very card for my Yount Collection (birthday guy) from DefGav today. LOL.