Wednesday, December 9, 2015

2008 Topps Sterling #225

Year: 2008
Manufacturer: Topps
Set: Sterling
Card Number: 225
Player Card Number: RY9
Card Type: Base
Card Attributes: Serial numbered
Serial number: 099/250

Card number 225 is Robin's 9th in the series, which Topps was nice enough to number with a player number as well.  This card celebrates Robin's two MVP awards.  In 1982 I was nine and had no idea what was going on in the world of baseball really.  But I was very much into baseball in 1989 and can remember a lot of my friends pissed off that Robin won.  I think most of them wanted Cal Ripken to win that year.  In 1989 Robin took 65% of the awards share, which is significant.   But in 1982 he was voted the AL MVP with 98% share!  Yeah.  It was almost unanimous that year with one lone half wit voting for Reggie Jackson.

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