Sunday, December 20, 2015

1990 Topps Woolworth Baseball Highlights #1

Year: 1990
Manfacturer: Topps
Set: Woolworth Baseball Highlights Box set
Card Number: 1
Card Type: Base

I wonder how many people even remember Woolworth?  There were kind of like Ben Franklin's.  Pretty much they were everywhere in small and big towns alike.  The remnants of the old stores are still around, even here in Anchorage the old Woolworth's location is now a souvenir shop, but the building still has the original doors with the Woolworth name on them.
 Woolworths in the US eventually became defunct as the company closed all of it's old retail shops and focused on it's other business, Foot Locker.
Downtown Anchorage at 4th Ave and F St.
2011 from Google Street View

From 1985 to 1991 Woolworth teamed up with Topps to produce a store brand boxed baseball card set.  All the sets have 33 cards.  Robin gets two cards in this set.  This one commemorating his second MVP title in 1989 and card #22, which will be featured sooner or later, that celebrates him reaching 2600 hits.  Robin is also featured in the last Woolworth set in 1991.

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