Monday, December 21, 2015

1990 Bandai Brass Coin

Year: 1990
Manufacturer: Bandai
Set: Super Star Collector Coins
Coin Number: NNO

The early 1990's really had some great oddball sports collectibles.  I always remember Bandai for  their video game titles for NES.  Bandai is still around, they merged with Namco in the mid 2000's.    A neat oddball set.  Bandai produced two coin sets.  One in 1990 and a second set in 1992.  The main difference in the coins is the 1992 set has the MLB logo on the front. I ended up picking up a large lot of the Bandai coins a while back just to pick the Yount out of the set.  I still have the rest somewhere.  The coins are nice and heavy, although the plating has a tendency to rub off.  I also found some original packaging I've included images below.  I guess you got two coins per package and one of those was a mystery.  The packaging also included a punch out coin stand.

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