Tuesday, December 15, 2015

1983 Fleer Stamps Unopened Package

Year: 1983
Manufacturer: Fleer
Set: Baseball Stamps
Number: Group 1 of 4
Attributes: Unopened Package

It's hard for me to pass up a cool, cheap oddball that's still in it's original wrapper.  Of course the main draw for me was that Robin is featured on the front, but there are three other Brewers visible as well.  Add to that great players like Fernando Valenzuela, Kent Tekulve, Mike Schmidt, and some guy named George Brett and it's a great find.  And there are an additional 56 players and/or team stamps not visible.

There are a couple areas in my collection I think I'm going to focus on more in the coming year and one of them is memorabilia and cards still in their original packaging, like this and cello packs and rack packs.

I also really like that the original price tag from Boscov's Department store is still on it.  Boscov's is a family owned chain based in the Northeast and New England area and they're still in business.  It's neat to see what these were going for back in 1983.

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