Saturday, December 19, 2015

1990 Ace MVP Pin

Year: 1990
What: ACE Novelty MVP Pin
Full card w/ 1990 Score 

I ended up picking this up along with my copy of Baseball America about a month back.  This was another purchase from Yount megaseller wfbookman off of eBay. I had been looking for one of these and it seems like all of a sudden the market was flooded.  And not just the pins but full unopened retail packaging.  This looks fresh from the box as the punch out for the hanging display is still intact.  As a bonus the pin was packaged with  Robin's 1990 Score card. I know from other examples that there is nothing on the back of the pin card.  

There are a ton of these to collect and every team has at least 4 players to choose from.  Might have to chase those other 3 Brewers to complete the set.  Robin is also included in the 1991 and 1992 Ace pin sets.

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