Thursday, September 16, 2021

1991 Topps Stadium Club Variations

This morning there was a forum post over at the Trading Card Database discussing a variation in the 1991 Topps Stadium Club set.  It seems that most if not all of the cards have a one of these back variations.  While some members are working on putting a checklist together it's noted that cards fall into one of three catagories.  Some cards have and A or B by the Topps copyright on the bottom right of the card, or a C or D, or E or F.  Robin falls into the A or B category.  I don't think there's any rarity to either variation as I found an example of each is just a handful of cards.

If you're having trouble seeing the variations, you're not alone I had trouble with my old eyes as well.  Here's a close up of the two different variations.

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  1. hmm, do I add the variations to my wants????I'll have to think about that.