Thursday, December 5, 2013

Radar alert, New Yount on the horizon.

Figure I'd throw this out there for anyone who cares about new Yount cards.  2013 Topps Five Star is about to hit the streets tomorrow.  Mr. Yount has a base card in the set. It's card number 43 and the base is numbered to just 60 cards! There are also Rainbow Foil parallels numbered to 10 and the Five Star 1/1 card.

Robin will have a bat knob card in this years set. I remember the bat knob from last years National Treasures went for big bucks.

This product had some QC problems last year with chipped edges and honestly it's really expensive. Not as spendy as some of Panini's super high end stuff, but this is a product well worth letting someone else bust and picking up the scraps later on ebay.

I'll be adding the base and rainbow foil to my want list, but I have no expectations of ever seeing the other cards.

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