Tuesday, December 24, 2013

1976 Linnett Portraits

Card Manufacturer: Charles Linnett
Card Set: Linnett Portraits
Year: 1976
Card Number: NNO

One of my favorite oddball items from the 70's. The Standard Catalog lists these as 1976 Linnett Portraits. I've seen them listed on other websites for sale as 1973-74 Linnetts.  The Standard Catalog also has a 1975 set and the 1976 Linnett Superstars set. There really isn't too much other information out there about these great cards.  The portrait measures 8.5x11 inches and has a blank back. A perfect piece for framing. I do believe there were about 175 of these you could get in the baseball issue. There are also Hockey and Football series as well. The Standard Catalog says these were available by mail for fifty cents a piece, but how they were advertised I'm not sure. I have seen a few the ads for the Reds and Bruins issues.  I'm sure there was probably an ad in a sports magazine or something similar.  In my web search I found out the Charles Linnett, the artist, has two daughters that are both artists as well and run a graphic design company. I believe that Mr. Linnett is still alive and kicking since I found his address and phone number or at least someone with the same name living very close to his daughters. I had thought about giving him a call, but that's kind of weird and really I'm happy to just call this Yount the 1976 Linnett Portrait.  
Charles Linnett put out a ton of different Portraits from multiple sports back in the 70's. All you need to do is search ebay or Google to see the variety and selection.  I picked this Yount up a few years back.  And if I ever get my man cave back it might even get framed and hung.

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