Monday, December 30, 2013

2003 Leaf Shirt Off My Back Relic Card

Card Manufacturer: Donruss
Card Set: Leaf Baseball
Year: 2003
Card Number: 12
Card Type: Insert Relic
Insert Set: Shirt Off My Back
Relic Type: Jersey/Pants

One of the things that the early 2000's brought us was the flood of relic cards featuring not only current stars, but HOFers and retired stars.
This 2003 Leaf Shirt Off My Back relic card is from that onslaught and no one was happier than me that Mr. Yount was featured in the set. A great looking card with bright colors and a huge classic Brewers logo.  Not only that, but on the back there's even a picture of what we are led to believe is the actual jersey the relic came from.  This issue was numbered to just 500 cards and I'm wondering just how many little swatches can you get off of one jersey? 500? There is another relic insert in this set that parallels this one called Number Off My Back. Those cards are numbered to 50 and feature a piece of patch, I'm assuming a piece of the number. The few I've seen on ebay and COMC  have  huge price tags on them. So until I find a decent priced card this issue will have to do.  

2003 Leaf Shirt Off My Back Relic card #12 Serial Numbered  123/500

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