Monday, December 16, 2013

2003 Sweet Spot Classic

Card Manufacturer: Upper Deck
Card Set: Sweet Spot Classic
Year: 2003
Card Number: 74
Card Type: Base

Sometimes I really miss Upper Deck in the baseball game.  And while I don't really understand a lot of the companies business practices that have pretty much backed the company into a one sport corner, they still put out some of the best baseball cards ever and consistently delivered on higher end products.  .  Upper Deck offered us the regular Sweet Spot featuring current players, but also the Sweet Spot Classic featuring retired stars and HOFers.  And while there are some great relic and autos in the set I still really like the base cards.  In a set like this which is hit oriented the base cards tend to get overlooked, but it's exactly why I like these higher end products, the base cards are so nice.  

The gold foil really pops with the card, but doesn't overwhelm it.  Just a nice overall design. Robin's framed up nicely, but there is still a out of focus background to give you some perspective.

I do find it funny that Robin is listed as a shortstop on the card, but the stats on the back are from years he played as an outfielder. 

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