Saturday, December 28, 2013

1990 Fleer Award Winners

Card Manufacturer: Fleer
Card Set: Award Winners
Set Type: Box
Year: 1990
Card Number: 44
Card Type: Base

Another Fleer box set from the era of box sets. 44 cards in this set as well and you also got 6 stickers. Stickers were Fleer's thing.  Of course the award that Mr. Yount is being recongnized for is his MVP season from 1989.  Overall a nice simple design with a trophy shaped window and an appealing light blue background.  The back is pretty simple with the basic personal stats and career statistics. Fleer didn't get all wordy back there that's for sure. The photo on the card is from the 1988 season and we can tell that by the commemorative Havey Kuenn (H/K) patch on Robin's sleeve.

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