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2004 Donruss Classics Legendary Jerseys - Jersey Number relic

Card Manufacturer: Donruss
Card Set: Classics
Year: 2004
Card Number: LJ-39
Card Type: Relic Insert
Insert Set Legendary Jerseys - Jersey Number
Relic Type: Dual Jersey
Card Attributes: Dual Relic, Serial Numbered
Serial Number: 12/50

As I've been going back through my Younts, I bounce back and forth from the classic issues, which I designate as cards issued during Robin's playing career and modern issues, which is anything issued after he retired.  There is a three year gap 1996-1998 that Robin had no cards issued and I usually lump the few 1994 and 1995 cards that were tribute cards in the first category.  I have two large storage "shoeboxes" that I keep the bulk of my standard card collection in.  And it's broken up basically with one box holding everything from 1975 to 1999 and the other holding everything from 2000 onward.  

Sorry I was rambling a little there. My point was I've been bouncing back and forth from classic to modern and that means I go from one box to the other.  Recently I've been spending time in the modern box and I've come to realize that Donruss in the mid 2000's was trying to kill us player collectors.  For some of it's mid decade issues there are literally sometimes close to 50 parallels of a card if you count autos and relic versions.  It's pretty insane.  Things haven't gotten better today, but I don't think we'll see the insanity of those years again.  

As I've been sorting though my modern issues and scanning for posts here and my own personal image database for insurance purposes and inventory I've come to really like Donruss Classics.  The more cards I pull out, the more I research, the more I like. Sure there are a ton of parallels, but I've found most of these insert just have a great overall classic look.  I think Panini should consider bring back the Classics line especially with all it's Hall of Fame issues it's been putting out.

This insert ,Legendary Jerseys, has a base card that has a ton of parallels, parallels that I can't tell apart other than the serial numbering on the back is different. Within 2004 Donruss Classics there are a bunch of these Legendary inserts: Legendary Jerseys, Legendary Hats, Legendary Leather, Legendary Jackets, and Legendary Lumberjacks. Whew.

Within the Legendary Jersey insert there are a few variations as well as all the other parallels.  This one is call the Player Number version. It features the die cut player number on the front.  It's pretty obvious this is not a dual relic, but just a relic under the two numbers.  I think the worst part about the cards from this series and other series like it is the numbering.  All of Yount's Legendary Jersey cards are numbered LJ-39 regardless of what's on the front or the serial numbering.  It would have been nice if they had some kind of different designation on the card or in the numbering system. But alas they do not.  

Alright enough babbling. Let's look at the card. The card features a nice black and white photo of our great Mr. Yount and a photo of what might have been the jersey the swatch came from.  The card is serial numbered to 50 and features a nice plain one color baby blue swatch. There are a number of other relic cards in this set for Mr. Yount, but I do believe this is the only one that features the die-cut 19 player number on the front.

2004 Donruss Classics Legendary Jerseys Player Number Relic LJ-39 serial numbered 12/50.

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