Monday, November 2, 2015

1977 Brewers Official Program

Year: 1977
What: Brewers Official Program from 1977.

I figured I'd keep the theme of magazines up with this great collectible from 1977.  I have two people to thank for getting this Brewers Program into my hands first is Johnny over at Johnny's Trading Spot for trading it too me and the other is Tony over at Off Hiatus Sports Cards for hooking letting me know Johnny had another copy to trade.

I wish I'd have scanned more of the interior as there were some great ads and some great articles in the program.  The cover features a young, 21ish year old, Robin Yount.

The interior article featuring him with a Kinney shoe ad.
The other scan was a spread that featured the food and drink prices at County Stadium in 1977.
Check them out.  A bucket of beer for $2.70!!!!  I wonder if these prices seemed exorbitantly high like they do now.  Still seems like a deal that you could get a steak sandwich, chips and 16 oz beer for under $3.


  1. First off, I was happy to let Johnny know you needed this!

    Second, I think that the prices still seemed a bit high because, if I recall correctly, the top priced tickets might not have been over $5 or $6 at this point in time.

    Still, 53 oz. of beer being sold at once is pretty impressive. I'm guessing that is why all the games I remember as a kid featured really drunk people around me! ;-)

  2. I had a hard time visualizing it so I looked it up and it's pretty much the size of KFC bucket of chicken.