Thursday, November 12, 2015

1990 Fleer

Year: 1990
Manufacturer: Fleer
Set: Baseball (Flagship)
Card Type: Base
Card Number: 340

If I had to pick the most boring set of the 90's it would probably be 1990 Fleer.  It's so simple and sleek that it just kind of lulls you to sleep.  It's quite a contrast from 1990 Topps which was really colorful and Donruss which looked like a pile of vomit.   I bought a lot of this in 1990.  I still have a monster box full of commons buried in my parents basement somewhere. 

An interesting shot of Robin bunting.  Not much room on the back for anything else but 17 years worth of stats.  And even for it's blandness it's printed on brilliant white stock and I've seen examples of this card autographed and it looks pretty good.

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