Friday, October 30, 2015

1990 Beckett #60

If you looked at my Yount Collection page you'll see 99% of the list is baseball cards.  But I do have a small collection of Magazines that Robin has graced the cover on and it's an area I really want to expand.   Robin has been featured on the front of Beckett two times, although it might be more it's just two times I know of.   The second time was in 1992 on issue #90.

I ended up picking this up for a whole 50 cents plus shipping, off of eBay.  It's wasn't advertised as mint and the seller sure didn't package it to keep it pristine, but it's a very clean, attractive and readable copy.

I love all the old advertisements from the 90's and all the business card ads for all the different card shops back then.  I even found a few for Anchorage that are long gone.  And look at this price guide.  The print is so big.  As a matter of fact  the price guide section only takes up about 35 pages of the magazine.
Let's see what Robin's rookie card was going for back in 1990.

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  1. Damn, higher than Brett. That was pretty rare, I always remember them being even, or Brett's higher. Also, they used a fairly outdated photo... didn't they stop using that white panel batting helmet in 1986 or so?