Monday, November 23, 2015

2002 Topps 206 Mini Carolina Bright Back Blue Jersey

Year: 2002
Manufacturer: Topps
Set: 206, or Topps 206
Card Number: 289, Blue Jersey variation
Card Type: Mini Parallel
Parallel Type: Carolina Brights Back

Something else fresh from the mailbox.  If you had the joy of collecting back in 2002 and opened any of the three series of Topps 206 you remember all the great mini back variations.  Topps wasn't the first to bring back the tobacco sized mini cards, but they were the one to cement them back into the collecting world.  2002 marks a return for me back into the collecting world, or rather a point were I focused for a time on it.  And this set, specifically series 2, because that's the series Robin was in, was part of that.  Each series had a different collection of back parallels.  For Series 2 there were the common Polar Bear backs, the Black and Red Piedmont, and then the rarest of the backs these Carolina Brights.

I have literally been looking to add this card and the variation to my collection for 13 years.  It just so happens I had an eBay alert set for these cards and luck would have it that a seller listed not one, but both of the variations recently.  Not only that but listed them at a reasonable price.  I ended up picking up both cards for under $4 a piece.  That's a steal when you consider the last time I saw one of these up for auction it went for over $12. The Standard Catalog lists these at 6 to 12 times the base cards for rarity and worth.

 I'm still missing one Black Piedmont and one Red Piedmont back for the set, but it's always nice to close out a couple cards from your most wanted list.


  1. You wouldn't happen to know what the odds for pulling that card were, would you?

    1. Also, what's a Brewers collector got to do to get listed on your blogroll? :-)

    2. No clue on the odds. It wasn't listed in the standard catalog just the price multiplier and I can't find any info on the web for odds, just that it's listed as rare. Would be nice to have a wrapper from back then. There was some really nice hits in this product. I remember pulling a Joe Mauer rookie auto, some vintage player bat relics, and even an original T206 card. And I added you to the Yount Collector's Blog Roll :) I really haven't been updating it like I do over at Collector's Crack. Though I actually post stuff here.