Friday, November 13, 2015

Leaf Executive Collection Masterpiece card making service

While looking for any information on Leaf's upcoming 25th Anniversary Baseball set I stumbled across their Executive Cut Signature card making service. It's an interesting idea and I can definately see why Leaf has taking advantage of the niche market.  And to be honest the costs aren't that astronomical.  I also found their lone Yount creation that had recently sold on eBay for $95.00.  

Basically you submit a certified autograph, or you can get it certified for an additional fee by PSA, to the company and they created a beautiful 1 of 1 card slabbed. The example below is a 1978 Hostess card.  An interesting idea for any super fan.  

I'm torn whether or not to include this card in the 2015 checklist.  Since it is a custom made card.  But on the other hand it is listed by Leaf on their production sheet and I also have a visual record of the cards existance.  What do you guys think?  Should I include this card in the checklist?  I'm not bothered by it being a 1 of 1, as I include printing plates and other 1 of 1's in the checklist.

What do you think of on demand custom card making?

Back of card example from

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