Friday, November 6, 2015

The Highs and the Lows - COMC style - November 2015

I'm not a huge buyer on COMC, at least not anymore.  But I do check in periodically to see if I can find a challenge to earn me some free store credit.  And while I lament that great deals are few and far between I still find one every now and then.  That being said I thought it would be fun to see what has to offer on the high end and low end for Robin.

Currently COMC has 886 cards that feature Robin Yount, either solo or as an ensemble.

Right now the cheapest card on the site for Robin is this one.
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Robin's 2013 Topps Chasing History insert can be yours for the low low price of 37 cents.  That's not bad at all really for this insert.  Especially since it's cheaper than all his junk wax cards on the site.

On the high end are these pair of graded rookie cards.
This PSA 8 card has an asking price of $280.25.
Followed closely by this BVG 8.5 for $250.99.
Both very nice looking cards.

The most expensive non-rookie card on the site is this 2002 Topps Tribute Pastime Patches card for $149.25, but is currently on sale for half off $74.75.  Even at half off this card seems really expensive for a non-autographed card, even if it is rare.
And if we don't count the asking price in the mix the highest card is this one
2004 SP Prospects Draft Generations Triple Autographs numbered to just 25.  Seems a little steep at $128.45.  Sure it's a triple auto that's very low numbered, but you can pick up Ben Sheets and Mark Rogers autos for a couple bucks so the premium, as it should be, is for Robin's auto.  But it's a sticker auto.  A nice card and I like the theme, just way overpriced.  I could see this card in the $50 range, but for almost triple that I expect it'll sit on the site forever.  

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  1. I know what you mean with these high-priced cards -- they are overpriced, no doubt. I've been filling in holes in the under $2 base-card-and-insert world off COMC, which is much easier with my collection than it is for yours!