Tuesday, November 24, 2015

2003 Fleer Doubleheader with Ozzie Smith

Year: 2003
Manufacturer: Fleer
Set: Double Header
Card Number 269-270 w Ozzie Smith
Card Type: Base
Card Attributes: Bifold

I'm an oddball lover.  If you read this blog regularly or my main blog Collector's Crack you that.  This oddball comes for the 2003 Fleer Double Headers set.  The first 180 cards are normal, smaller but just regular cards, the last 120 cards are flip cards.  After Topps' success with it's vintage 206 brand the other companies were looking to cash in.  Fleer decided to take an old Topps design, the 1955 Topps Double Header, which was a knock off of the 1911 Mecca Double Folders.  And while Topps used cartoons for it's cards instead of photos the idea is the same.  

We only get Robin's upper torso on the card.  Fleer did a decent job of lining up his body with Smith's on the bottom of the card, but it still looks a little off.

Open it up and we have a very tall photo featuring the Wizard.  The pairing isn't arbiraty. These two stars faced each other in the 1982 World Series and I really do enjoy it when the share cardboard together even if the Brewers would end up on the losing side.
To complicate things more Fleer decided to keep the double card numbering like the 1955 Topps set.

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